Is John McAfee’s Twitter Account Hacked, Again?

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John McAfee, the recognised businessman and cryptocurrency supporter has been hacked, yes again. His Twitter account has been used several times by hackers in order to pump and dump some alt-coins. This time, a tweet has been written o his name promoting a twitter account and discord group.

McAfee Hacked Again?

The Tweet written reads as follows:

“I’ve partnered with @noBScrypto, a brilliant entrepreneur. H has developed a predictive altcoin algorithm that’s beaten BTC’s bullish growth by 100-200%. We are releasing it today in our new group. Free membership to all who agree to rate the algorithm.”

In the past, McAfee’s Twitter account was ‘hacked’ in order to promote less known cryptocurrencies. About that he explained that he does not have control over Twitter security and that he believes that his mobile phone has also been compromised.

Besides that, Mr McAfee is working in one of the safest smartphones in the world. It will be the world’s most ‘hack-proof’ smartphone and might be released during the current month.

Binance Hack FUD

Binance, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world has been upgrading their servers in order to provide a better service to its users. It was a necessary measure that reduced the usability of the platform for some time. Since the cryptocurrency bull-run that we experienced the last year, cryptocurrency exchanges received an important influx of users that were not capable to handle.

John McAfee started to spread FUD information about Binance. He said that Binance suspended trading and that it may be caused by a hacked. Even when he did not provide trustworthy information he received 2.5K likes 893 RT’s and more than 1.3K comments.

He did not believe that Binance was upgrading its system. Indeed, the company had to answer him saying that the cryptocurrency exchange has not been hacked.

Days later, he apologized to Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao for spreading FUD.

Now, Binance is offering a 70% discount on trading fees for two weeks to show gratitude to its customers.

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