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Justin Sun Thinks XRP’s Surge Shows Financial Institutions Will Adopt Blockchain

Justin Sun, Tron (TRX) founder, said in a recent Tweet that financial institutions will adopt blockchain—as proven by the excitement around Ripple’s products. He made this comments just some days after XRP surged around 100% in a few days.

Justin Sun Bullish on Financial Institutions Embracing Blockchain

In the last few days, XRP has been the most analyzed virtual currency. The cryptocurrency experienced a surge of over 181% between September 18 and 21. XRP was able to surpass Ethereum as the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the market. On September 21, XRP’s market capitalization reached $30 billion dollars.

Justin Sun is very happy about this situation. At least, this is what he showed in a recent Tweet. He said that after what Ripple was doing, financial institutions will adopt blockchain technology.

His Tweet reads as follows:

“XRP suge shows PNC Bank’s recognition of the Ripple protocol. With Bill Clinton keynoting Swell 2018, blockchain is going mainstream! As Ripple’s Greater China Chief Rep from 2014-16 and a Ripple shareholder, I’m confident financial institutions will adopt blockchain.”

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At the same time, in another Tweet, he congratulated Ripple and its former CEO, Stefan Thomas. Although he did not mention why he was congratulating them, the reasons might be obvious.

In the last days, XRP has unveiled that it could soon launch its xRapid product. Moreover, the virtual currency skyrocketed and reached new price levels not seen in the last months. Additionally, PNC Bank has recognized the Ripple protocol and the possibilities it gives to financial institutions.

Justin Sun is currently working in the Tron Foundation trying to promote Tron and its benefits. Some time ago, Tron decided to buy BitTorrent, the largest decentralized computing architecture created to store and distribute data.

Tron is currently the 13 most valuable virtual currency in the market with $1.53 billion dollars market capitalization. Each TRX token can be bought for $0.02334 dollars. In the last 24 hours, it registered a price increase of 3.13% and a trading volume of $143 million dollars.


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