Multiversum: Introducing the Evolved New-Generation Blockchain

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Multiverse is a term describing a hypothetical circumstance that combines our universe with other, parallel universes. It’s only a theory. The main point to understand is that multiverse puts together notions or ‘objects’, that are independent from each other and, normally, cannot coexist…

What Multiversum is all about:

Multiversum is many things:

  • A new approach to decentralization;
  • A new generation of blockchain technology, namely — Blockchain 4.0;
  • A universal decentralized network, that involves any value transfer, whether it’s an interior token (MTV), or exterior coins of other networks (like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc.);
  • Next Generation Wallet with biometric data input.

The features Multiversum can offer to end users

  1. No more sophisticated private keys when conducting a transaction. Now, you are the private key. Or your biometric data, to be more precise. The protocol will use a sender’s fingerprints and / or iris scan as a seed for an electronic signature.
  2. Instant transactions, sending funds in less than 0,2 seconds, by default.
  3. Multi-currency support sending tokens and external coins with minuscule fees, within one network.
  4. Rollback option allowing the cancellation of an undesired transaction, regardless of the token it was provided with. In the case of fraud, this makes the network resistant to any attack.
  5. Backup nodes that allow for a full system self-recovery, in case of a global disaster.

Multiversum —  the 4th Generation Blockchain

Today, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, each providing users with unique capabilities. The problem is that they each have their own chain of blocks, so they exist in separate networks that never meet.

The cross between parallel universes is only a theory, but the decentralized network, combining other blockchains is a reality, made possible by the Multiversum team and their innovative approach to blockchain technology.

 What is a Relational Blockchain?

Today, every blockchain is a conventional chain model, where data is only arranged in a sequential way. Multiversum introduces the concept of a Relational Blockchain.

Relational Blockchain is a decentralized crypto database with a Complex Data Structure, allowing for cross-platform interaction and extremely high efficiency, due to its multidimensional nature.

Breakthrough level of efficiency

64 thousand transactions per second is the throughput that the Multiversum network can provide (1000 per core with 64+ core support), due to horizontal scalability that makes the workload on the network as efficient as possible.


The protocol of Multiversum skips PoW (Proof-of-Work), where the power of miners acts as a bond of their honesty. The problem is that it requires an enormous amount of energy being uselessly spent, putting a strain on Earth’s resources.

PoS (Proof-of-Stake) is a relatively new approach, but it only partially solves the issue, because in this case miners’ bond is a great deal of money.

The solution of Multiversum is PoI (Proof-of-Integrity). This protocol provides for self-verifying transactions, by checking the authenticity of the software that works on the persistence of the network.

This means that the network implies no miners at all. They are simply not needed; the trust is already achieved through cryptographic mechanisms of PoI. It guarantees the network stability and control over blockchain as long as 50% + 1 nodes are authentic. The lack of miners results in a substantial economy of resources and power spent to maintain the network.

Become a part of the future

The good news is that the project is just about to launch its pre-ICO, meaning that you not only have a chance to participate in it, but literally be one of the first to join the community.

Pre-ICO: timeline and bonuses

The pre-ICO will start on March 1st and will last one month. By joining the community today, you have an opportunity to achieve bonuses: the minimal is 25%, while, depending on the amount contributed, the percentage can increase.

ICO: timeline and bonuses

The ICO starts on April 16th and will be going for almost two months until June 10th. Participating in the first two weeks of ICO, you will achieve a 20% BONUS. Every two weeks the percent decreases by 5, in the following way:

  • 1st and 2nd week: 20%;
  • 3rd and 4th: 15%;
  • 5th and 6th: 10%;
  • 7th and 8th: 5%;

Soft cap and hard cap

  • Soft Cap is $5,000,000. In case it won’t be reached during pre-ICO and ICO stages, the funds will be returned to all investors.
  • Hard Cap is $65,000,000. You can call this a minimal goal of Multiversum. Once it is reached, contributions will be halted.

Airdrop of the unsold tokens

Total supply of MTV tokens is 141,000,000. All the unsold ones will be freely given to investors.

This airdrop period will start two weeks after the end of the ICO and will last 18 months, during which all wallets holding 100% of MTV’s bought at any stage (pre-ICO and ICO), will be receiving unsold tokens, two times a week. Meaning that, if you buy 500 MTV’s during ICO (or pre-ICO), you have to hold all of them, in order to obtain tokens with airdrop. Note: 1% of raised funds goes to charity.

If you’re willing to join the Blockchain revolution, be sure to check the Multiversum official website and pages on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. They also have a public group on Telegram, where anyone who wants to ask a question can get an answer within a couple of minutes, or contact @EppurnonruppE telegram or [email protected]

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