Onchain Has Been Selected to Become Part of Microsoft Accelerator

· 09 Feb 2018 in Crypto News, Home

Onchain, was selected so as to become part of Microsoft Accelerator. The blockchain enterprise behind Ontology will receive human and financial resources from Microsoft as well as strategy advice and market expansion tools. The intention is to work side by side on the development of blockchain technology and its expansion across industries.

The information was released by The Ontology Team in a blog post on February the 9th. Microsoft Accelerator allows enterprises to potentiate promising and powerful startups across the world. Known as the Harvard of the IT industry, the first Microsoft Accelerator in china was established in Beijing in 2012 and the second in Shanghai in 2017.

Microsoft Accelerator’s Work and Onchain

Onchain was selected by Microsoft because of its performance in the blockchain industry. The company works developing different blockchain projects across different industries including governments.

The blog post reads as follows:

“Onchain was selected for its outstanding performance in the global blockchain industry. The team has developed and operated many blockchain projects across industries, including providing blockchain solutions for the financial sector and government agencies.”

In November 2017, Onchain launched a next generation public chain platform known as Ontology. This platform uses a public blockchain model with basic services like mapping, data exchange, and smart contract services.

Besides that, Ontology allows teams of all technical backgrounds to deploy distributed/decentralized services rapidly across industries. Ontology is ready to become a mainstream blockchain infrastructure supporting projects, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and promoting accessibility.

Microsoft Accelerator selects between 30 and 40 companies during the year from different and various start-ups. Each of these enterprises receives four or six months of Microsoft ecosystem innovation and entrepreneurship resources. In this way, these powerful start-ups get potentiated even more increasing their future possibilities of success. Additionally, Microsoft gives these companies the possibility to access Microsoft’s major clients. That allows enterprises to make new business and client connections.

Founder of Ontology, Li Jun, said that he is pleased to be prat of Microsoft Accelerator and that he can’t wait to start collaborating with Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies.

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