polymath - Polymath CEO Says Security Tokens Are Next Big Thing

Polymath CEO Says Security Tokens Are Next Big Thing

Last year saw the explosion of ICOs but the prevalence of scam projects and growing scrutiny is seeing interest in them diminish. As the crypto space matures, there is growing interest in projects that meet certain criteria for investors and also regulators.

Trevor Koverko the CEO of Polymath believes the slow death of ICOs is opening the door for the next big revolution in the crypto space – security tokens. With regulation stalling, and the growing realization that it’s necessary if cryptos are to be accepted by the mainstream, security tokens are inevitable.

But, security tokens are harder, take longer, and are more costly to launch than utility tokens. On top of this tedious process, few crypto exchanges will list the token as it may invite scrutiny from regulators. The SEC already labels many of the existing tokens as securities and whether issuers like it or not they will have to start thinking along the same lines.

Koverko, who runs Polymath, the largest securities token platform in existence is excited by security tokens as they represent the next big wave in crypto. Polymath board of directors consist of big names in the crypto industry with the likes of Erik Voorhees, Antonio Di Lorio, and Patrick Byrne.

Polymath provides issuers with the necessary technology to launch their own security tokens through the ST20 protocol. The platform also doesn’t need one to be technically adept to launch their own token which is great news for users.

Koverko labels Polymath as the “Ethereum of security tokens” and believes the platform will enable trillions of dollars in financial securities to move to the blockchain.

Trevor is also an investor in EOS, Ethereum and ShapeShift. When it comes to a new project, he says there are a few things he looks out for.

The first is a real team that has credible advisors who are willing to get their hands dirty. The second is a team dedicated to the project with a clear logical outline of the token mechanism and how the supply will change over time.

And finally a project with a strong underlying technology with the ability to stand out from the rest.


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