SAN Token and Santiment Network Guide

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Have you ever wondered what the Santiment Network or SAN token is all about? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a proper means to access the token’s benefits, or you want to understand the SAN token as an investor or a trader. There aren’t a lot of great resources on this coin, so we created a guide to the SAN token.

This guide will elucidate what Santiment Network is all about, how it functions, what the SAN token does, how to purchase and store these tokens, and most especially the opportunities, and finally the awesome team that boosts the Santiment Network.


What is Santiment Network?

The goal of Santiment is to bridge the gap of information and perspective and any illusions of such in the cryptocurrency market. Currently, the market is unregulated and is especially prone to malicious manipulation and information of the market. So, the SAN token can be a key for traders and investors alike to tread successfully in the market, provided with information and clarity provided by the Santinment network.

The Santiment Network aids the beginner and the expert investors alike, through an objective feed of market data, sentimental analysis, and blockchain activities. These roles it offers to the novice and the veterans of cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts which enables them to leverage on more informed, accurate and timely information to make proper investment decisions, as it offers;

  • Crypto-content streams and newswires, curated by experts
  • A curated database of blockchain projects and analyses
  • Crypto-market data feeds and signals

So in some way, Santiment can be thought of as the Bloomberg or the Reuters of the cryptocurrency world. That is equally the goal Santiment seeks to achieve, becoming the one-stop-shop for every investors and trader in the crypto space for necessary and needed information.


How Does The Santiment Network Functions?

Information is curated through some basic pages on the platform; which can also be described as information hubs. The platform offers Content Streams, Santiment Database (SANbase), and Datafeeds. These three phases of information on the platform have their uniqueness and functions.


The Content Stream

A content stream is a place where regular and latest market information is provided. It is similar to a newsletter, which includes ICO analysis, significant coins of the world and also a global regulation alongside great market research. Traders and investors get to choose the information they need or subscribe to.

Scams and inaccurate information are vindicated by collective analysis of expert on the platform as objectivity is targeted, by making crypto-markets more transparent, more secure, and more professional.


Santiment Database (SANbase)

The Santiment database known as the SANbase is another important feature for information on the Santiment platform. The Santiment database is a crowd source information page of the latest and relevant cryptocurrency project in the community. As it offers relevant project information such as the team history and the economic details behind it.

Even though the information is crowd-sourced, it is still subjected to the analysis of the team of experts of the platform, which give credibility to the information available on the platform. Over time the platform looks forward to further decentralising the information available on the platform without altering its quality.


The DataFeeds

The data feeds is a curated details of the information analysed by its group of experts to give the public, traders and investors data to guide their decision making and trading activities. There are three basic data feeds on the platform which is the; Sentiment data feeds, Blockchain data feeds, and the Crowdsourced data feeds.

The Sentiment data feed is based on the opinion and the way the community at large feels about a particular coin. The public opinion of the crypto community on a specific coin gives the traders, for instnace, knowledge on coins and potential investment steps to take.

The blockchain data feed is curated information of the performance of all blockchain in the market. This was done by partnering with major blockchain scanners, to create data feeds that monitor blockchain behaviour as a proxy for community trends. This helps the community of traders and investors alike.

The crowd-sourced data feeds and other data feeds can be categorised under this, as all information or mostly all is gotten from the public. The information obtained is gathered and processed into data feeds. This lets the platform provide information that is unavailable to the users.


Santiment Network (SAN) Token

The Santiment SAN token is the heartbeat of Santiment, as it enables the community or contributors to be incentivized. This is a reward for valuable crypto-financial insights and data.


It can be used in the following ways:

A form of payment on the platform – accessing premium information on the platform requires payment in SAN tokens. This can be gotten from an auction of data or subscription on the platform.

It also serves as an opportunity to be a stakeholder – Holding SAN in large proportion gives you access to the site and being a stakeholder to information on the site. This allows partnering organization or institutions to give information to its user base.

The SAN serves as a reward to the community of contributors to the platform. This serves as incentives to the contributors and the Crowd data sourcing process.

At the moment there are a total of 83,337,000 SAN tokens that will ever be in circulation with a little over 62,000,000 currently in circulation presently. A large number of the tokens (72%) were distributed to presale and crowdsale contributors at the time of the ICO. SAN is an ERC20 token.


How to Buy/Sell SAN Tokens

Trading SAN is very easy. You can obtain SAN from the auction of information on the Santiment’s platform, and also through giving information. Exchanging SAN for other tokens can be done on the Ethfinex and Liqui platforms by trading SAN in exchange for BTC, ETH, or USD.


Best SAN Token Cryptocurrency Wallets

The storage of SAN is also quite easy as an ERC20 token; there are many options which includes hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor. MyEtherWallet which is free to use as well. However, any wallet with ERC20 support can be used.


The Santiment Team

The Santiment team entails professionals from all over the world, with different backgrounds such as German, Canadian, Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, and more nationalities.

  • Maksim Balashevich, the CEO and the founder
  • Dmitry Palchun, Ethereum Developer
  • Eugene Tartakovsky, Fullstack Developer
  • Tzanko Matev, Mathematician and Backend Developer
  • Igor, Mobile Apps Developer
  • Mitchell Loureiro, Marketing Lead
  • Kelvin “Wilhelm” Lee, Community Manager
  • Kim Carson, UX/UI Designer
  • Feng Jiahong, Graphics Designer
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