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StormGain Crypto Trading Platform – Offering Advanced Solutions to Investors in the Industry

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As the cryptocurrency market attracted a large number of users and investors in recent years, companies are expanding their solutions and services for clients to enjoy a more mature crypto space. One of the companies is StormGain, a crypto trading platform that has been expanding and growing as a services provider for short and long-term crypto traders and holders.

In this guide, we will go through the main features and services offered by StormGain and how you can start profiting with them in just a few hours. Some of the main services offered by the company include crypto trading, crypto savings, a crypto wallet and many other bonuses and offers.

What is StormGain?

StormGain is a cryptocurrency company that is offering services to investors and traders in the market. The platform allows users to trade some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and increase profits on the funds that users store on the platform.

Despite the fact that there are several exchanges that offer users other crypto services besides trading, this platform aims at giving users the possibility to use an all-in-one solution for all their cryptocurrency trading needs.

The firm is now offering solutions to over 120,000 users around the world located in more than 100 different countries. This shows that StormGain has been working very hard in the last year in order to remain at the forefront of the market.

StormGain users are able to trade digital assets and several trading pairs using x200 leverage on their positions.

That means that users have the possibility to decide whether the market will grow or fall and open a position with up to 200x leverage. This can be very useful for expert traders that want to have even larger exposure to digital assets.

By offering traditional, classic and advanced trading features, the interface guides users through the whole system to start trading cryptocurrencies and fulfill all the needs traders have. This is one of the strongest points of StormGain that has been growing as a crypto-services company in the last year.

StormGain Products and Services

There are three main solutions offered by StormGain: an Exchange, a Crypto Trading platform and a Crypto Wallet. All these services are connected with each other and offer users one of the most advanced experiences in the crypto market.

The exchange is currently offering low commissions for traders, easy registration and the necessary tools that users would need in order to analyze the markets over time. Some of the trading pairs at the exchange include BCH/BTC, BCH/USDT, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, DASH/USDT, XRM/USDT and many others.

The exchange will be the best place for users to buy and sell the virtual currencies they need in just a few simple steps.

The platform is also offering “Cryptocurrency Trading”. This makes reference to trading with leverage. Users can start trading digital assets using borrowed money and multiply the potential profits you can get. You do not need to hold large amounts of cryptocurrencies in order to open up a leveraged position.

Leveraged trading could be potentially beneficial for users but it also has a very high risk. Small movements in the price of a cryptocurrency could eventually end up closing the open positions of the trader.

Users can also enjoy trading signals provided by StormGain. Users can simply receive signals every few hours and place their trades in the market with clear stop loss and take profit levels. This is going to make it certainly easy and fast to open and close positions if we do not feel confident about the trades we are making.

Users can simply deposit 10 USDT to open an order and use all the professional and technical analysis tools that would help individuals to increase their profitability over time. Furthermore, users will have the chance to analyze the market with advanced charts not to lose any possibility to enter or exit the market.

Finally, the cryptocurrency wallet offered by StormGain is going to be certainly useful for users to store their digital assets. The wallet is currently supporting several digital assets and this is going to be the fastest way to keep your funds linked to the StormGain platform. The company informs they are offering high-security standards to handle the funds of the users once they are deposited.

Crypto wallets allow users to send, store and receive digital assets in just a few steps. There are different kinds of crypto wallets and the most secure ones are the so-called hardware wallets.

Bonuses and Fees

It is also very important to talk about the fees and bonuses offered by the platform to its users and clients. At the moment, there is a loyalty program that is going to be certainly useful for those traders that deposit large amounts of money in the platform and for those that trade large sums of digital assets on a regular basis.

Once you reach the next level (by depositing funds or trading more virtual currencies) you will also receive new benefits such as trading fees discounts, higher annual interest rates on the funds you deposit on the platform, and bonus deposits.

This is going to be very useful in order for users to have a much better experience while handling their digital assets.

Users can also invite colleagues and friends and earn rewards for each of the individuals that get registered and deposit funds on the platform. 15% of the trading commissions paid by the clients that use a referral link will go directly to the user that provided this link.

Finally, users will also have the possibility to earn up to 12% on their deposits. However, this will depend on the loyalty status users have.

Thus, this will change according to your needs, deposits and funds you traded in the last month. The more you engage in the platform, trade and deposit, the better the results are going to be for you.

StormGain Conclusion

StormGain is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use platforms in the cryptocurrency market. Users can earn interest on the funds they deposit, they can receive and send digital assets, and they can also trade cryptocurrencies with and without using leverage up to x200.

The firm has been working very hard in order to attract a large number of users.

Furthermore, they are offering great promotions and bonuses for loyal clients. Those that trade large sums of money and that bring new users will enjoy great discounts on trading fees and an increased interest rate on the funds they hold in the platform.

Table of Contents


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