Technology Giants Including Google Want to Fund the Hardware Wallet Company Ledger

· 10 Jul 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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The industrial conglomerate Siemens and companies including Samsung and Google have shown interest in working with the hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger. They want to participate in a second round of Series B funding, which would allow those companies to fund or sign contracts with the French enterprise.

Important Enterprises to Fund Ledger

According to Forbes, three important corporations have been looking at creating a partnership or funding Ledger, which could make Ledger the first European crypto unicorn. Back in 2017, Intel partnered with Ledger so as to integrate hardware wallets into more mainstream desktop and mobile platforms. Google

In January, Ledger gathered $75 million dollars in its first round of Series B funding. Since the last year, it has seen an important growth and popularity due to the fact that the crypto market was in a bull run and several investors wanted to store their currencies in a safe cold storage wallet.

Indeed, the company was able to take the market owned by Trezor, another important company that developed hardware wallets as well. Ledger is able to support over 30 different virtual currencies. At the same time, the company offers cheaper products compared to Trezor which means that they are more accessible to individuals with lower budgets.

If Google, Siemens, and Samsung are interested in funding or partnering with Ledger, that means that there is something very attractive on it. It has revolutionized the market and it offers a great quality product for the price paid.

During the last year, there were important hacks in cryptocurrency exchanges that harmed the entire community. Millions of dollars in virtual currencies have been lost and regulatory measures have been taken for the market to avoid these situations again. Ledger has been providing wallets to companies, individuals and other enterprises that managed small and not so small amounts of money.

In the future, all these companies that decided to fund and partner with Ledger may be ready to enter the crypto market in some way. Indeed, Samsung, for example, has shown its interest to participate in the cryptocurrency mining space.

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