Top 3 Best Proof of Stake Tokens – Earn Cryptocurrency by HODLing

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If you have entered the crypto market, then you have undoubtedly heard about POS or Proof of Stake. Although these terms seem to be very complicated, they are actually quite simple.

POS tokens, in simple words, are economic incentives and dividends to its holder. If you are holding POS crypto, you can actually make a profit out of it. It gives the holder the option of running master nodes or stacking their coins in a stackable wallet. It is a typical computer algorithm via which some crypto achieve their distributed consensus.

Proof of stake is a lot more efficient than proof of work because you don’t need to spend a lot of computing power. All you are required to do is stake them. When you stake coins, you will receive rewards based on how much you stake, and there is no need to work to earn the benefits.

You can start earning the dividends merely by staking them in appropriate wallets.  Nevertheless, they can more likely be the incredible source of a smart passive income.

There are many cryptos with the proof of stake that is available in the crypto market today. However, some have proved to be of high value and profitable. Below are three of the best-known ones on the market at the moment.

  1. DASH – Earlier known as Darkcoin & Xcoin, DASH is a well-known cryptocurrency and one of the first ones to start with a proof of stake consensus mechanism called Proof of Service.
    It allows its holders to earn dividends in the form of Dash by running a master node. Consequently, Digital cash or Dash was developed on the core code of bitcoin with some great features like fast transactions and privacy.DASH is one of the most rewarding investments in the cryptocurrency community, but a bit expensive though. To have your own DASH masternode the cost at the time of writing the article is ~$381,000 – with a revenue of 5.7 DASH monthly/ 70 DASH per year. At the current price, the investment may not sound so good – but remember that a few months ago DASH had a $1400+ value.
  2. KuCoin – This is yet another blockchain exchange that came into the crypto market sometime in 2017. KuCoin has a very strategic business model and this is helping it receive much attention in the crypto market. When you hold KuCoin shares, you will obtain dividend which comes to you as KuCoin bonus. This will be fifty percent of the trading fees. As the number of coins in trade goes up, the bonus of holding increases too. Kucoin offers a 50% share revenue with the Kucoin shares holders, but share percentage is expected to drop as low as 15% over the next years. By holding 10,000 Kucoin Shares the revenue per year would be $1,121.645, according to KucoinShares. One of the most interesting things about Kucoin Shares is that the reward is offered in different cryptocurrencies, that may or may not increase in value. Therefore, the bonus can grow or decline if you hold it. Kucoin Shares is a stable investment for a 3% yearly. Besides the bonus offered for holding Kucoin Shares on the Kucoin platform, you may also earn from the growth of KCS – as right now is sitting at a $3.2 value, increasing from $2.3 where it was on April 1st.
  3. NEO was formerly known as Antshares. It is a blockchain platform hailing from China which allows developing of smart contracts and digital assets as well. GAS is another cryptocurrency that belongs to NEO, and can also be kept in the NEO wallet. Evidently, it is a profitable income for its holder. Neotogas offers you a perspective of how much someone would earn from holding NEO. The actual dividend is 3.07%, a decent amount for someone who’s looking for a stable  investment. The dividend is offered in GAS – a cryptocurrency used to send transaction over the Ethereum & NEO blockchain. The 3.07% may increase or decrease however, depending on how you choose to manage the profit. You may sell it monthly for a stable income or hold it and hope it will reach it’s $85 peak again.

Some final words

The first crypto to start with the Proof of stake to secure its blockchain was Peercoin. However, Peercoin gave holders a benefit of 1% earning every year. Because this value was extremely low, the crypto lost its importance quickly, and most people lost interest in Proof of Stake. However, things have been progressing beyond the Peercoin. Today, holding a POS token is a great way to earn a few extra cryptocurrencies. So if you haven’t thought about it yet, now is the time. DASH and NEO can be purchased from Binance exchange, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

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