Basic Attention Token Has Crossed A Major Milestone

ยท 29 Aug 2018 in Crypto News

Basic Attention Token Has Crossed A Major Milestone

Basic Attention Token has achieved a milestone, hitting over 10 million downloads of its privacy-focused web browser, Brave.

This was a major milestone for the company, with prices showing it as it recorded slight gains. The altcoin which is trading around $0.21 at the time of press, has gained about 2.50% in the last week. The coin is designed to pay users for their attention is now getting the attention of the market. Having announced that Brave had hit 5 million downloads only one month ago, Brave is now recording millions of downloads in weeks.

BAT Revolutionizing The Advertising Industry

The advertisement industry has been slacking with users not taking note of advertisements on the internet. The advertisements are mostly irrelevant and dominated by third parties. BAT enables ad placement, allowing for micro-payments between publishers, advertisers, and content creators. BAT plans to revolutionize the advertisement industry through user attention. By awarding users with free coins for watching published content and the creators through it, BAT is one of the more exciting crypto projects to emerge.

Currently, the coin is sitting 40th in the market but with the recent traction; it is expected to climb higher. The 40th position is 10 positions closer since last month. Recently, Coinbase announced that it was looking into listing BAT, a move that could see the coin soar.

In July, Brendan Eich the CEO and founder of BAT announced the introduction of a BAT grant to reward new users. The company planned a $500,000 BAT giveaway for all new users and this might just be what has led to the market rise. The company noted;

” which must be used for the benefit of content creators within 90 days come from the User Growth Pool (UGP), a fund of 300 million tokens set up to give users and publishers an incentive to join the BAT platform.”

The CEO has also announced that the company will be releasing an Android app in the coming months. This would make it easier for users to buy, store, and trade BAT.

Although Brave has been a success there has been some criticism with users complaining it looks outdated. But given all the advantages the browser offers users, this is a small price to pay.

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