Bitcoin Private Will Be Added to Ledger Nano in the Upcoming Version

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Ledger Nano and Bitcoin Private keep expanding on their respective fields. The famous hardware wallet, Ledger Nano will add Bitcoin Private (BTCP) to the next version of its firmware. In this way, Ledger will be offering a more secure and diversified way to store virtual currencies and Bitcoin private users will be safe storing their coins in this wallet.

Ledger Nano and Bitcoin Private

The information has been released by Nicolas Bacca, member of the Ledger team, in GitHub. He said that in the upcoming version of Ledger’s firmware, the company will be adding support for Bitcoin private.

Bitcoin private

Mr Bacca was answering a conversation that was started almost a month ago by csulmone:

“I have tested signing and broadcasting transactions from a custom build of electrum-btcp with success. Please advise concerning adding to the chrome webapp vs. adding to the new desktop app in development.”

Bitcoin Private is moving forward and gaining interest among the crypto community. At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin Private is the 36th most important cryptocurrency in the market. Each BTCP is worth $25.6 dollars and it has a market capitalization of $522 million dollars.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges like TradeSatoshi, Ocaex, Nanex, and Exrates are already offering the virtual currency. At the same time, HitBTC and Binance announced some time ago that they are also thinking about including Bitcoin Private to their platforms.

For those who do not know what Bitcoin Private is, BTCP has been created as a fork from ZClassic and Bitcoin in order to increase the privacy features of the Bitcoin network. ZClassic provided Bitcoin with a technology know as zk-snarks (zero knowledge snarks) that increases the security layers on bitcoin’s network.

Bitcoin Private was given with a distribution ratio of 1:1 to all BTC and ZClassic holders at the time of the split (block 279991 for Bitcoin and 511346 for ZClassic). Bitcoin private has an ASIC resistant algorithm and allows GPU mining.

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