blockchain w - Blockchain Technology Spreading in the Health Care Sector

Blockchain Technology Spreading in the Health Care Sector

We have arrived to the end of 2017 and many things have happened. The cryptocurrency market has been expanding and many different developments have been made. The technology that powers this market has been used for many other different things. Among the different actors using blockchain technology we have enterprises and governments, but also, the health care sector.

Health Care Sector Embraces Blockchain Technology

Let’s have a look at the most important blockchain project in the health care system during this year.

  • The MediLedger Project

The first one is known as The MediLedger Project. The project is a collaboration between Chronicled and The LinkLab. Both of them bring together expertise in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and Blockchain Technologies. The intention is to enhance Pharma companies’ ability to manage their supply chain using blockchain technology.

With this technology, the Pharma industry will improve compliance of track and trace regulations, improve patient safety and drug supply security, enable easier reconciliation of exceptions, and provide a platform for further business transformation for processes associated with the transfer of ownership of prescription medicines.

  • SimplyVital Health

This is the only blockchain health Initial Coin Offering of its kind. The intention is to support providers and patients in the health care system. Health Nexus builds bridges across the different intermediaries in the heath care system. The blockchain assures better data integrity and provides a validation system to ensure that the miners running the network are compliant entities.

The environment creates room for innovation by creating an open source health care marketplace for healthcare products and services. That would reduce health care cost and medical malpractice all over the world. Providers and patients will be connected safely and able to share all the data required.

  • Robomed Network

The Robomed Network is a medical network that is managed by blockchain technology and it is designed to provide the most effective medical here as possible. Providers and patients are connected via smart contracts.

The network utilizes the Robomed EHR. This is a process-automation system designed for medical centres, which includes unified storage of medical data and health management tools. All participating clinics are integrated into a single information space that allows service providers to interact bypassing bureaucratic, financial, and legal barriers.

Image Source: SatoWallet