Google Privacy Flaws Set Up An Opportunity For Brave and Basic Attention Token

Google has again been criticized for breaching user data in collecting private user information. Now according to Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and team member of ZCash, Google is using new, and potentially unprincipled methods for its data collecting.

According to the professor, Google is breaching trust using Chrome. This breach could be setting up Brave browser for wide adoption. As more users look to keep their information private, comes the need for browsers like Brave. The browser offers a safer and potentially more secure browsing experience.

Google Log In Policy Mines Data

According to Green, Google has enforced a new log in policy. Users using Chrome will be automatically signed in to their Google accounts every time they log into a Google property, for example, Gmail. According to the professor, this means that Google will collect data about your content and use of Google property such as Gmail. In the past, users would be prompted to make a choice whether to sign in to their Google account while using Google Property. Now, Chrome will automatically sign in and synchronize user information across devices.

Green goes on to explain that he has discussed this issue with Chrome developers. But none of them has been able to give a rational reason why the team has decided to make this change. According to him, while this might not have an immediate effect, it is rather disturbing to see Google take away the right for users to choose whether to share information/data across Google platforms and themselves.

Brave Browser, The Answer To Privacy And Security

Brave browser is working to become the answer to Matthew Green’s question and everyone who shares the same opinion. For anyone looking for more privacy, security and possibly more speed, Brave is the best platform.

Brave is an open source internet browser that specializes in privacy. The browser was developed by Brendan Eich in conjunction with Basic Attention Token. Basic Attention Token is the cryptocurrency used on the platform allowing users to pay for services within the ecosystem.

The new browser has three key features that are vital to internet users in the modern day; user privacy, better user experience and integration of a cryptocurrency (BAT).

John is a finance and technology journalist with a growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Writing is his passion and when he’s not writing he’s listening to the Beatles.

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