cindicator - Guide: How To Buy Cindicator (CND) From Binance

Guide: How To Buy Cindicator (CND) From Binance

Cindicator is a decentralized platform with over 30,000 analysts where collective intelligence (Wisdom of the crowd) is used to make valuable and more efficient market analysis for better financial asset management.

The Cindicator token, CND helps to create an internal economy within the ecosystem. Token holders have access to new levels of Cindicator services, analytical data and information, and lots of financial indicators. Access to different tools and products are dependent on how much token holders possess.

Best Cindicator Wallets

Wallets, where Cindicator can be stored outside exchanges, include MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, and Mist.

How To Acquire The Cindicator Tokens

Cindicator is officially listed only on Binance.

You can buy some CND tokens from Binance by following the next steps.

Step 1: Register on the Binance Exchange platform.

To make use of the Exchange, you need to register to be part of Binance. You can do this by going to the Registration Page and filling up the form. You are required to enter a valid email address you own and a secure password.

Step 2: Activate your account.

You’ll be asked to activate your account before you can log in on Binance. Access the email you entered and click on the link sent to complete the registration process.

Step 3: Fund your Binance Wallet.

You need to send some cryptos from your external exchange (desktop, mobile, or another exchange wallet) to Binance.

  • To do this, after login, click on the ‘DEPOSITS WITHDRAWALS’ link at the top of the page.
  • Search for Ether on the list of options that are displayed then click on the ‘Deposit’ button right in front of it.
  • A wallet address is generated, copy this to your external wallet to send some Ethers to the generated address. Wait a moment, and your cryptos would be credited to your Binance account.

Note: Exchanging Ether for other cryptos is a better option right now as transaction fees are relatively lower to trading with Bitcoins. Huge transaction fees you’d have paid sending and trading with Bitcoins would then be utilized in acquiring more of the tokens/coins you are purchasing. If you want to buy Ether, a good option might be Changelly – as the process is user friendly.

Step 4: Trade your Ether for Cindicator tokens.
  • Click on the ‘EXCHANGE’ link at the top of the page, next to the Binance logo then click on the Basic option that is displayed.
  • Search for the CND/ETH pair among the list displayed on the page or click here.
  • Under the CND/ETH chart that is displayed when the page is fully loaded, the Buy CND section is where you need to focus on completing the transaction.
  • The first box with the Price label displays how much ETH or fraction of ETH you pay to purchase each CND token.
  • The Box with the Amount label in front is where you are to enter the number of Cindicator tokens you plan to buy based on the Ether you funded. Use the percentage buttons to indicate what percentage of your funds you want to exchange. Clicking on the 100% button makes use on all your funded Ether, and the number of CND you can purchase will be automatically entered into the Amount box.
  • The Total field shows how much Ether in total you are paying for the transaction. This should include transaction fee by Binance.
  • Click on the Buy CND button.

Your Cindicator tokens would be available in some minutes, and it’ll be better if you send the tokens into any of the recommended wallets for CND tokens mentioned above.

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