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Hidden Gems Of Cryptocurrency #1

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Have you ever heard someone wish he had purchased certain virtual currency years back when it was very cheap, claiming it would have been worth billions of dollars if he had held such until now? Well, it’s not too late because there are still same opportunities opened to everyone today, it’s now in your hands if you want to take advantage of it or make the same statements later in life like some are doing today.

Discovering the hidden potentials of a project has to do with having a foresight for a project you think can be of immense value. The more valuable a project will determine if people will invest in the project or not.

One of these hidden gems is the High-Performance Blockchain project. The project seems to be barely known to anyone. Here’s a brief look at what it’s about.

What Is High-Performance Blockchain (HPB) And How Does It Work?

This platform, like the EOS, is a high powered blockchain platform which uses parallel processing. Beyond that, the HBP would be using accelerating hardware chips as well for better performance.

This innovative project is one-of-its-kind and will be the world’s first company to integrate software and accelerated hardware which they claim would to a great extent improve the ease of use and speed of data transfer and accessibility. This open source project can scale to do millions of transactions each second.

The High-Performance Blockchain project will be serving platforms and industries like Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba who deal with enormous amount of data. It also targets the Internet of Things, and other sectors as the supply chain, medical, government, and financial industries.

The HBP Token

The HBP token supply is 100 million. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, e.g., Bitcoin which is mined, block generation is done through a high contribution node otherwise known as the hcnode.

To become part of the contributors of the hcnode, you have to adopt the BOE hardware acceleration engine, hold a certain amount on HPB tokens, and also contribute to the network bandwidth for the entire system.

After the launch of the MainNet scheduled for the second quarter of 2018, the hcnode which generates blocks will automatically receive HPB coins as rewards which are issued by the system.

About The Team

Wang Xiao Ming is the founder of this remarkable project who has been into blockchain technology innovations from its early stages. He has been part of NEO since inception, and the other members are prominent people from other tech companies like Intel, Huawei, and other Chinese institutions.

Some notable persons among the advisors are ZHEN CHEN, the president of the Dongfang Fuhua Fund company, ZONGRU WAN, a member of Nobel prize-winning team, and KAI LONG who is the president of the UnionPay Smart. On the other hand, investors include TimeStamp Capital who is a Major Chinese investment, Lei Zhen, the founder of OKcoin, amongst many other people.

HPB Partnerships

With the founder having a connection with the NEO blockchain, he has been able to work closely with them. HPB is the first project to support NEO-VM (the NEO Virtual Machine). HPB has also got support from UnionPay (which is larger than Mastercard and Visa combined), a massive Asian company who serve over 80% of local transaction data, with a turnover of a $12.5 Trillion each year. This seems to be one of the most significant partnerships in cryptocurrency. That’s not all; they also have lots of partnership deals on the line that hasn’t been announced yet.

Development Plans

The High-Performance Blockchain has evolved through a number of stages. Though the project has a well functional TestNet platform which was launched in the 1st quarter of the year, the alpha version of the MainNet is scheduled for Q2, 2018.

The team will also be working to make the platform better, and we should finally see the final version sometime in 2019.

Where To Purchase High-Performance Blockchain (HPB) Tokens

The HPB tokens are available to be exchanged on a few exchanges namely the BiBox, Bit-Z, Kucoin, and Allcoin Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The token can be traded for BTC, ETH, BIX, and USDT cryptocurrencies.


One of the major aims of the HPB project is to tackle the currency challenges phasing blockchain and related technologies at present which are an increase in transaction volume which causes congestion on the blockchain and security breaches as a result of poor security. Also, the high transaction fees most especially during high-load times and major events, and most especially, the difficulty of developing decentralized applications.

No doubt the project will go a long way and it still at it’s still in its early stages. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to do your own research before investing in any project and also don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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