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HoneyMiner – Best Alternative for Nicehash in 2018

ยท 22 Jun 2018 in Guides
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Everyone knows how difficult it is to mine cryptocurrencies these days. It requires hardware devices which costs a lot to purchase and a high cost of electric power required to mine which, depending on one’s location may be very expensive.

HoneyMiner is a simple software solution that cuts out all the technicalities of mining, presenting everyone interested, a simple method of earning without spending so much.

What Is The HoneyMiner And How To Start Mining?

The platform, as they say, gives users the opportunity to mine and get returns from mined coins like the big mining firms out there. The HoneyMiner software gives people the opportunity to make use of the sophisticated mining software to making a meaningful income just by having their PCs turned on.

One major advantage of the miner this miner is that anyone who chooses to mine does not need to bother about what valuable cryptocurrencies to mine, the software scans through existing cryptocurrencies for itself and identifies the most profitable coins to mine at any given time, converting every mined coin into Bitcoins.

HoneyMiner makes mining so easy that anyone starts mining within minutes. All that’s needed is to click on the start mining button to download the miner.

The next step will require the user to enter a valid email account to keep track of all earnings on the platform’s dashboard. As long as the software keeps running, you keep earning.

At present, the mining software is only for the Windows operating system; the MAC version still in development. The processing power of your computer determines how much profit can be made daily from mining cryptocurrencies via the software application. To boost earnings, it’s allowed to add a GPU to PC, scaling up it’s processing power. The Crypto Mining Calculator allows users to know the estimated amount of income they can earn in a specific period.

How Secure Is The Platform?

The system was designed, putting user security in mind. The platform uses the SSL encryption which ensures that all information passed through the server remains protected and anonymous.

The 2-factor authentication also helps secure user accounts. Also, every line of code is checked in-house by security experts. Lastly, the majority of user asset are stored in cold storages where they are out of range for cyber attackers.

Cashing Out Of Mined Coins

The platform accepts any cryptocurrency wallets; cold/hardware storage, software wallet, and sending coins to exchanges like the Coinbase. Soon, it’ll integrate an option to withdraw earnings to Venmo.


This service isn’t a faucet platform where you have to accomplish specific tasks before earning; it’s real mining which cuts off the stress of the hard work of guessing/researching what coin would be profitable for mining and which isn’t.

For those who think they have lost the opportunity to earn from mining cryptocurrencies, then here is one of the best chances to take advantage of quickly.

Tokens mined are 100% withdrawable and can be sent to any exchange or cold wallet of your choice, which can then exchanged for local currencies. For a person looking for a small extra income per day, HoneyMiner is one of the best alternatives to Nicehash or Minergate.

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