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15 Steps To Buy KuCoin Shares (KCS) On KuCoin Exchange




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The KuCoin Shares (KCS) is a token primarily for use on the KuCoin Exchange. Today, we will show you all the steps to buy KuCoin Shares. The KCS is an ERC20 token and with an initial supply of 200 million tokens. Holding some KuCoin Shares gives you a percentage of 50% trading fees paid by KuCoin platform users and shared among token holders. Holding some KCS tokens also gets you a 1% off trading fee for every 1,000 KCS tokens you hold. Max discount for trading fees is 30% off.

The KCS token can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ether, NEO, Bitcoin Cash, Red Pulse, and Dash. The best place yet to hold the KuCoin Shares token is on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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KuCoin is probably one of the best buys as the KCS has seen steady growth over the past months.

How to Buy KuCoin Shares on KuCoin Exchange

Follow the guide below to buy KuCoin Shares token on the KuCoin Exchange.

Step 1 – Registration

Register an account on the KuCoin Exchange. Click here to visit KuCoin Account Registration page to register on the platform.

Step 2 – Form Completion

Enter details required to set up an account. What’s needed is a valid email address and a secure password. The password can be alphanumeric to make it much harder to figure out for cyber attackers. Click the NEXT button when you’re done.

Step 3 – Email Confirmation

You should receive a mail in the inbox/spam of the email account you registered. Log in and click the link in the mail sent to activate your account. This process is to verify you have access to the email account you are registering with.

Step 4 – Activation

The activation process should take you right into your account on the KuCoin platform, if not, enter the details you just registered with and click on the sign in button.

Step 5 – Click on “Deposit”

Click on the DEPOSIT link at the right side of your screen to add some funds to your account.

Step 6 – Secure Your Account

When depositing for the first time, you’ll be required to secure your account by setting up the Google Authenticator.

Step 7 – Google Authenticator

Follow the directions for setting up Google authenticator for your account as shown on your screen. Download, install and enter the code displayed to activate the Google Authentication security on your KuCoin account.

Step 8 – Select Asset

You’ll probably see a default deposit page to deposit the KuCoin shares token, click on the drop-down and select the asset you want to deposit. Because of high transaction fees and slow transaction confirmation times, you might want to go with for the Ether (ETH). Saves you a considerable amount of dollars you can add up to what you are buying compared to transacting with the bitcoin.

Step 9 – Ether Wallet

When the ETH asset is selected, your Ether wallet address on the KuCoin exchange is generated and displayed. This can be used to make multiple deposits.

Step 10 – Wallet Address

Copy the wallet address to your wallet outside the KuCoin exchange, where you presently hold some Ether cryptocurrencies and send some to KuCoin. Wait some moments for the transaction to reflect on the KuCoin exchange. This shouldn’t take long provided you use a considerable amount of gas for your transaction. Use ethgasstation.info to see current average gas for your transaction.

Step 11 – Markets Link

Once your deposit reflects, click on the MARKETS link at the top of the page.

Step 12 – The ETH Tab

Click on the ETH tab.

Click on the KCS/ETH from the list of assets displayed on the page. It’s probably going to be the first on the list, if not, use the search coin box at the top of the assets section.

Step 13 – Authenticator Code

On the KCS/ETH page, the sections to buy and sell should be disabled; you are required to enter a code from your Google Authenticator app.

Step 14 – Best Price Link

Click on the Best Price link in the Price field and the best market price would be filled into the box.

Step 15 – Buy KuCoin Shares

Enter the number of KCS tokens you want to exchange for your Ethers or click on the Max link, and the number you can purchase with all your deposited funds would be displayed in the Amount box.

Click on the BUY button to buy KuCoin shares.

Wait a moment, and your KuCoin Shares tokens would be credited to its wallet.

There you go, now you have KuCoin Shares which would also offer a daily bonus. Check it out here.