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Jordan Peterson Adds To First 63 BTC Donations In First Five Days

ยท 13 Jan 2019 in Crypto News
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The clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson was able to gather 63 BTC in donations in just five days. New numbers haven’t been announced since those days in December, but many believe Peterson continues to add more Bitcoin in donation at a time when one BTC is valued over $3,500. 

Jordan Peterson Receives 63 BTC in Donations

There have been several donation campaigns in which the crypto community has participated very actively. However, Jordan Peterson was able to gather an interesting amount of BTC in a very short period of time.

In a recent video, Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson announced that they are leaving Patreon as soon as January 15. Patreon allows artists and content creators to earn funds with the things they do. During this video, both of them discussed how Patreon has the ability to remove the content it considers not so valuable for earning a larger profit.

The intention that both of them have in mind is to start building an alternative to Patreon. Clearly, virtual currencies and the cryptocurrency world has always been fighting against centralization and censorship.

Rubin commented about this during the video:

“This is about making a stand against this ever-moving encroachment on free speech, free expression, and the rest of it. […] It’s not obvious to me that corporation can run platforms for untrammelled communication successfully on the net in today’s climate.”

Furthermore, in this video, they also discuss how payment processors around the world affect free speech. Bitcoin could play an important role in helping individuals to avoid censorship in many platforms.

There are several companies such as YouTube that have decided to ban specific content from their platforms. This has affected several content creators that moved to Patreon as an alternative. However, Patreon is not the only middleman involved between users and content creators. Credit card companies such as VISA or MasterCard are also able to stop giving services to specific individuals.

Peterson said:

“I just can’t believe that any sensible person would think that through and then want to live in a society where your spending habits are being monitored by the company that basically produces your money. I can’t think of anything more totalitarian than that.”

Bitcoin can be used as a way to avoid censorship and allow creators to earn for what they produce. In order to create this Patreon alternative, Peterson and Rubin started to receive donations on their respective websites.

At the time of writing this article, Peterson received 63 Bitcoin. This is equal to $245,000 at current BTC prices.

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