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Lily Allen And The Story Of 200.000 Bitcoins

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Independent.co.uk posted an interesting article about Lily Allen a few years ago. The famous singer had a generous offer of 200,000 Bitcoin for an online gig, but she declined it.

200,000 Bitcoins or 200,000 Linden Dollars?

Everything started about 5 years ago when the well-known pop star had a minimum 200,000 Bitcoin offer to sing for the Second Life community online. She didn’t have to travel for the concert, everything could have been done from the comfort of her house.

Apparently, the singer refused the offer as the famous cryptocurrency was worth close to nothing in 2009 and was mainly used in online games. If she would had accepted the gig back in 2009 – by 2014 she would have had $194,800,000. This is more than what she probably made in all the concerts that she had combined. By 2017, she would have been a billionaire with $1,470,800,000 worth of Bitcoin, as today’s Bitcoin trade price of $7350.

This was probably the most regretful ” as if” she has ever said. It cost her a fortune that 99% of the people don’t make in a lifetime. She didn’t precisely say how many “hundreds of thousands of bitcoins” she declined, but even 200,000 is a huge amount right now. The minimum amount would have put her in the top 3 Bitcoin holders list.

But there’s a problem with this. In the tweet, she mentions that the proposal was made 5 years ago prior to 5 January 2014. But Bitcoin was launched on 3 January 2009. So, either she confused Bitcoin with Linden Dollars – the virtual currency of Second Life – or she had been approached by Satoshi Nakamoto itself.

She probably has mistaken the Linden Dollar with Bitcoin. If that’s true – she didn’t lost anything as the Liden Dollar was worth $1 for 250 units in 2009 and the same amount in 2017. T

There’s also a small possibility that the payment was in Bitcoin, when in 2010 more than 2,000,000 Bitcoins were mined. But if her story is true, it means that the person that offered her 200,000 Bitcoins was one of the biggest miners at that time or Satoshi Nakamoto himself. This does not make any sense at all. I wouldn’t see Satoshi wasting 200,000 worth of Bitcoin for an online gig.

Why did she reject the gig? 

Considering that the offer was made in Bitcoin at that time – people were skeptical about it. People are skeptical about it even now – when its price exceeds $7000. At that time there wasn’t any major exchange where you could change bitcoin to American dollars. Therefore, the online gig was almost worthless for her at that time.

But still – musicians shouldn’t always think in this way. An online gig would have benefited her – as she would gain more fans, magazines would write about her, and who knows? maybe hiring your favorite musician to sing for you online would have been a trend now.

In conclusion, she has probably mistaken Linden Dollars with Bitcoin. But if her story is true and she was offered Bitcoin for the online gig – Who approached her?

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