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The field of cryptocurrencies has expanded greatly over the past 2 years. There’s a growing list of new projects that are entering the space each day, and all of them are seeking to be noticed by investors and the public.

Launching your own ICO and gaining market recognition can be hard in this competitive environment, so marketing campaigns are essential. In today’s article, we will be presenting our list containing some of the best cryptocurrency marketing agencies available.

1. Coinzilla

coinzilla agency

Coinzilla is an advertising network and agency that helps startups from the crypto and blockchain industry to gain exposure for their ICOs and projects by promoting and targeting ads to relevant publishers form the crypto industry.

The company was established two years ago, and in this time it successfully managed ad campaigns for over 1,500 advertisers and 4,000 publishers.

Coinzilla’s main services feature banner advertising, targeted marketing, API development for campaign ads, budget capping and many other tools that help the promotion of a project.

2. Coinpresso

Despite being one of the newer firms on the block, the meteoric rise of Coinpresso is impressive.
Having amassed a portfolio featuring the largest exchanges, projects, and tokens within the crypto
vertical – there is a clear client-side interest in their click-funnel approach to crypto marketing.
Their specialties lie within Crypto SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Content and Copywriting, Social
Media Marketing and a full stack development proposition to boot. Coinpresso are masters of a few
different crafts within the crypto product stack, and are sure to provide a stellar service from design
through to delivery for any project on the crypto spectrum.

3.  Coinbound

Coinbound is a full-service, crypto-focused digital marketing agency based in NYC and LA. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in the space, including OKEx, ShapeShift, and eToro. The company has a long list of successful campaigns and produced incredible results for its clients. Some of these include a 5x ROAS from PPC, a 600% increase in organic traffic through SEO, and influencer campaigns so successful that clients had to halt sign-ups. In addition, Coinbound is one of the only firms on the list to offer organic growth through forums like 4chan and Reddit. The number of campaign options you can choose from along with a long track record of success make Coinbound one of the top agencies on our list.

4. NinjaPromo


NinjaPromo drives all aspects of SMM strategies by setting up disruptive techniques through outstanding content production, effective community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and more. They have successfully managed more than 20 crypto-projects like Bitforex, IQONIQ, Okex, Unibright, Ceek etc. They helped to gather about $150 million during investment collection.

They also offer video creation services (promo videos, explainer videos), UX/UI design, website design, logo animation and so on.

5. Priority Token

This platform not only deals with marketing, but it handles the entire ICO consultative, investment and advertising process. Priority Token also lets investors mitigate risk by investing through them, as they give refunds on all ICO purchases at any time before the announced deadline.

They offer tools such as referral projects, bounty (multi-token) programs, ICO management, group buys, real-time token emission, and other varieties of marketing campaigns. Their team is comprised of some industry experts and advisors that have years of technical expertise in cryptocurrency investment.

6. BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting is a prominent Belarusian marketing agency that takes great care of diverse blockchain, crypto, and FinTech marketing efforts. They channel the rapid growth of crypto startups and constantly educate the team members marketing and crypto-wise in order to keep the bar high.

BDC consulting has been around since 2011, and their services helped their blockchain clients thrive and bring in more than $75 million. The agency advocates for transparency and regularly shares intricate use cases with advanced insights on user acquisition and retention.

7. Crynet

Crynet initially started out as a digital marketing agency but, since then, it has developed into a full-service marketing agency. The agency offers a broad selection of marketing services for ICOs and blockchain-related businesses. These include video demos, blockchain development and tech support, blockchain HR, advisor support, SMM across all Social Media and Telegram, mobile and web promotions, search ads, and PR.

Crynet can reach the crypto-communities of Asia, as it has coverage even in Japan, Korea, and China.

8. WeRaise

WeRaise is a marketing agency that has activated in the digital advertising sector for more than 15 years. With 2 years of experience in blockchain solutions, they are among the first platforms to engage in ICO marketing.

They give their clients highly effective exposure by using banner advertisement, press releases, copywriting services, ad writing, campaign analytics and tracking 24/7, as well as targeted PR placement across a broad range of sites including Reddit, TokenData, CryptoNinjas, NewsBTC, The Merkle, CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, and many others.

9. Byzantium 

Byzantium is headed by a team consisting of individuals with expertise in blockchain technology, investing, PR and marketing. Their focus is on helping startup companies find their target audience and raise their investment funds as quickly as possible.

They assess projects in order to find their strong and weak points, help with whitepaper writing, develop launch strategies for ICOs and distribution models, calculate budgets, and develop project roadmaps.


Source: bzntm.com

10. Element Group

Element Group sees itself more than just a marketing agency, representing itself as a digital token sales company. The company delivers consultation, ICO marketing strategy, capital and asset management, market research, technology, and asset management services.

11. Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate is a Los Angeles-based marketing agency which deals with crypto marketing channels. They focus on branding, designing and video production, media management, influencer marketing, and PR outreach.

Their services are highly-rated, as they have successfully helped over 40 crowdfunding campaigns in raising over 10 million dollars in 3 years, by implementing a data-driven approach for each campaign.crowdcreate

Source: crowdcreate.us

12. TSM Global

TSM Global has succeeded in raising nearly $300 million USD for its clients and it is now catering to investors who are looking for high returns but also security. TSM not only focuses on ICOs but also on STOs (security token offerings) and DSOs (discounted service offerings).

This London registered company provides consulting, term-sheet development, content creation, community management, advertising management, viral marketing, social media & chat support, PR crypto and conventional, referral marketing among other services. TSM Global is truly global and can support clients that speak English, Japanese, Chinese, Koran, Russian, German and other languages.

13. Applicature

Applicature features a slew of advertising strategies that have demonstrated their efficiency in ICO marketing campaigns. This blockchain development agency helps projects from the crypto industry by reviewing their business models and adjusting them within the ever-changing blockchain ecosystem.

Applicature employs experts that provide technical advisory and consultancy services regarding crowdsales. They offer their clients a wide selection of custom blockading development services in addition to community management and social media marketing, which include mass media, video creation, and promotion, meetups, webinars, traffic generation, etc.


Source: applicature.com

14. Sparkchain  

Sparkchain is an agency that helps startups and tech companies build their brand through public relations and integrated marketing programs. The agency features a wide set of services which include content and social development, programmatic distribution and other paid media methods, as well as data-driven insights used in strategic planning. The platform has helped both new projects and established companies by using comprehensive strategic communications, and marketing services.

The platform has successfully managed companies in their pre and post –ICO phase, helping them grow and achieve market recognition for their brand. Due to their results, they have become the partner of choice of many projects and businesses in their marketing campaigns.


With this, we conclude our list of the top marketing agencies that focus on crypto businesses and startups. If you are a firm that is preparing to launch its ICO, or you’re looking to gain more exposure for your crypto project or token, then choosing the services of one of these agencies will be of great help to you.