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Manta Pacific Shifts to Polygon CDK, Opts Out of OP Stack for Enhanced Performance and Flexibility

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Manta, a blockchain network specialized in zero-knowledge (ZK) applications, has announced its decision to transition from OP Stack to Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK), marking a strategic pivot in its development journey. Initially anchored on the Optimism Labs-developed OP Stack, Manta has now shifted its allegiance to Polygon, a decision influenced by performance, flexibility, and integration capabilities.

Launched on September 12, Manta has demonstrated remarkable transaction processing capabilities, recording over half a million transactions. Originally conceived as an optimistic rollup supported by OP Stack, Manta’s migration underscores a preference for the technical and operational benefits offered by Polygon CDK.

In an official statement, Manta outlined the rationale behind its decision. Speed and efficiency topped the list, with Polygon CDK offering rapid processing of deposits and withdrawals without the waiting period necessitated by fraud proofs submission in OP Stack. Manta emphasized that with Polygon CDK, transaction finality is achieved in mere minutes or seconds, attributing this speed to the mathematical security underlying the platform as opposed to the socio-economic incentives of fraud proofs.

Flexibility and sovereignty also played a significant role in Manta’s choice. The team praised Polygon CDK’s modular nature, which offers enhanced adaptability, enabling the seamless incorporation of new features and functionalities. This adaptability fosters an environment of innovation and expansion, vital for Manta’s ongoing development.

Furthermore, the integration with Polygon CDK paves the way for the creation of a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum. This bridge is not just a technical enhancement but a gateway to a broader ecosystem, facilitating liquidity access across diverse Polygon CDK networks.

Polygon’s evolution from a proof-of-stake network to the incorporation of Polygon zkEVM, and subsequently, the anticipated emergence of Polygon 2.0, mirrors the dynamic and adaptive nature of blockchain ecosystems. Manta’s migration is indicative of a broader trend where blockchain networks seek optimal performance, security, and interoperability, factors that are becoming pivotal in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

Jay Solano

Jay Solano

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