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Money Begets Money: The Billionaire’s Secret

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The ICO market is having dark times. Utility tokens (which people sell on the exchanges after an ICO) are becoming less and less interesting to investors. People simply don’t trust startups and don’t expect the token prices to grow after the ICO. Therefore, the long-term profit comes first place among a project’s main advantages. The ICO of TheFund.io is a rare example that follows this new market trend of offering life-long dividends to its investors. Still, the project is not what brings money instantly. To expect serious profit from TheFund.io, the one should first make a serious investment into the project.

Why is investing a large sum of money in TheFund.io the way to go?

First, the amount of TheFund.io dividends directly depends on the size of the initial donation. Money begets money, so it makes sense to invest more. If an investor wants to earn large profits, he should keep this fact in mind.

Second, the size of the investment affects the weight of the investor’s vote when selecting a startup.

Third, TheFund.io is a serious project that expects a serious attitude. The startup team treats investors like equal partners. TheFund.io wants to organize a group of intelligent people, who use the crypto-market not for entertainment, but for reliable profit.

For those people who are afraid of investing large sums of money in a fund, it is worth mentioning the company is going to use multi-signature wallets, so no one can access money without the holder’s permission.

Now, if there is still someone hesitant to invest in the project, here are the main features of TheFund.io.

The fund’s Axon AI and a group of experts help select the startups for investment. TheFund.io team discovers the market trends and standards, analyzes those details of the ICO projects that ordinary investors simply can’t see. This project is devoted to helping people earn profit from their investments. However, before they can earn, they have to take the first serious step by themselves – to make that large investment.

Table of Contents


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