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What The Past Can Tell About Your Future Bitcoin Investment With The FOMO Application

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if you had invested in bitcoin website

Your Fears Of Missing Out action would have made you super wealthy if you took the big bold step.

Most people are regretting today for not being part of the early adopters of Bitcoin. Some probably thought Bitcoin was the stupidest idea. Some believed there couldn’t be a decentralized money and the World Bank would merely shut down the idea. While some just felt it was at its peak all through and were waiting till when it would be cheap to buy (those with the buy low sell high mentality). But against all theories, Bitcoin has continued to gain the world attention and analysis as shown that up till now we have just about 1% of the world’s population involved in Bitcoin. If 1% had moved it this far. What do we expect when 10% or 50% of the world gets involved. That’s a question no one seems to know the answer.

Looking back on missed out opportunities may cause regrets at the same time could be predictions for future occurrences. If Bitcoin had grown so much in the past 10years of existence, if the pace is maintained, then we should see the next ten years from now at unimaginable heights.

If you had sacrificed buying a cup of coffee on the 30 AUG, 2010 it would currently be worth $152,500 today (28th November 2017).

The Bitcoin FOMO Web Application seems like a place that tells you how much you have missed out of the action if you had gone in much earlier, but it also gives you a good idea on how much increase to expect in future. Remember that Bitcoin is just gaining the worlds attention and much more is expected of Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies at large in the nearest future.

With the Bitcoin FOMO application, you pick a date in the past and enter an amount (in dollars or pounds) that you would have loved to invest then the app tells you how much your investment would have been worth today, on the bases of how much percentage Bitcoin has grown over time.


Table of Contents


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