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The Complete List With EOS Airdrops In 2018 [Updated June 2018]


Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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EOS cryptocurrency coins

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During airdrops, token holders/investors are given free tokens based on specific criteria. Sometimes, they need to take some steps to claim these tokens, but most times, holding some of the required tokens makes you eligible to be part of airdrop, and in this case, participants are required to hold fractions or whole EOS tokens to claim token rewards.

EOS Blockchain Platform

The EOS platform which had until now been running on the Ethereum blockchain platform has now launched its main net, freezing old (ERC-20 version) tokens and distributing the new version which currently runs on the official EOS platform. DAPPS developers also are now able to develop enterprise applications that can solve real-life problems using blockchain.

Airdrops To Watch Out For

The launch of the EOS platform is unveiling a lot of airdrops in the next few months. This article will keep you abreast of these events and when they are likely to hold. Follow the instructions and you won’t miss out of any of them.

#1 – Atidium Airdrop

The Atidium dApp is a payment and budget management application which runs on the EOS blockchain. This app is useful for individuals as well as organizations alike to help track future expenses and also improve budgets.

Atudium would be airdropping 900k tokens to EOS token holders. Tokens would be distributed on 1:1 ratio. The airdrop is scheduled for the 28th of June, 2018. Click here to join Telegram channel to ask any question regarding the airdrop.

#2 – Cetos Airdrop

The Cetos project aims to solve the world’s health care problem, creating a decentralized solution to all, even those in remote locations.

Tokens would be distributed based on a 1:1 ratio. Those with less than a hundred EOS tokens are not left out. Every EOS token holder should get some CETI tokens in their wallets.

Airdrop will hold between June and July 2018.

#3- Cards and Token EOS Airdrop

This project is an entertainment platform where content creators can monetize their works by embedding digital contents in collectibles.

Cards&Tokens would have their airdrop late July. The tokens would be distributed based on a 1:10 ratio. Meaning, for each 10 EOS tokens held, you get a CNT token.

#4 – Edna Airdrop

The Ednation project will use the existing architecture of IATA billing and settlement plan to design an algorithm for providing extremely dast and real-time airline ticketing and facilitate hotel booking and reservation worldwide.

If you had more than 100 EOS tokens before the Genesis snapshot, then there’s no action required to get your airdrop. If not, click this link. All registered participants will get 150K EDNa tokens each worth $150 into their designated wallet.

#5 – EOSBet Airdrop

EOS Bet is an online gambling platform which accepts low house bets and offers free bets. All games on the platform are provably fair.

25 million EOSBET token will be airdropped to all EOS token holders. To follow development on the airdrop, click here to join the telegram group.

#6 – EOS Cafe Airdrop

This is a decentralized community where token holders (the Beans token which is the native token for the platform) collaborate and share ideas related to the EOS.IO for further improvements.

Airdrop is scheduled for June 2018. You can follow progress on their telegram group to follow events as they unfold.

#7 – EOS Sports Bets Airdrop

The project focuses on creating a decentralized platform that makes sports wagering easy. Users will also be able to find great odds and set bettings on the platform.

Airdrop is scheduled for the 14th of June, 2018. To participate, register using this link. Registered users will share a bonus of 1000 ESB coins next week. You can follow the community on Twitter, and telegram.

#8 – EOX Airdrop

One of many decentralized marketplaces but one of the first to run on the EOS blockchain. The platform is said to facilitate global commerce allowing goods and services to be exchanged for EOS based cryptocurrencies.

EOX tokens would be airdropped sometime in June. 900 million EOX tokens will be airdropped in a 1:1 ratio to EOS token holders.

#9 – Everpedia Airdrop

Everpedia is a decentralized encyclopedia that’s built for the modern world. The platform currently ranks tops in the number of largest articles with over 6 million contents on the web.

EOS token holders would get IQ tokens, the native token on the Everpedia platform, on the 15th of June.

#10 – HireVibes Airdrop

HireVibes is a decentralized platform for job seekers. The crowdsourcing platform will empower people to get a job of their dreams by connecting them to employers globally. The platform is entirely decentralized and will be run by the community.

Airdrop has been set for the 3rd quarter of 2018. Click here, sign up to get updates as the event draws near.

#11 – HorusPay Airdrop

A decentralized global payroll portal which will allow companies exchange private encrypted data with payroll vendors using the blockchain technology.

Airdrop is scheduled for the 30th of June, 2018. EOS token holders will get a 1:1 ratio on EOS tokens held. To know more, click here to join Telegram group.

#12 – KEOS Airdrop

KEOS is a decentralized community that is governed by a constitution with KEOS token holders and other board members, voting and creating actionable rules that run operations on the platform.

Airdrop is set for the 15th of June, and EOS token holders will get a 1:1 ratio for all EOS token held. To qualify, you must own above 100 EOS tokens in your wallet.

#13 – Lab Ledger Airdrop

This is a decentralized platform on the blockchain for researchers. Platform contributors get a specific amount of tokens for contributing to the platform.

Airdrop is scheduled for the 21st of June, 2018. Tokens to be distributed will be on 1:1 ratio to all EOS token holders. More informations can be found here

#14 – MEET.ONE Airdrop

MEET will be the service portal of the EOS platform, providing best services. The platform will help users manage and exchange EOS assets with ease.

Airdrop will hold sometime in June 2018. To know more, click here to join telegram group.

#15 – ONO Social Network Airdrop

A decentralized social media platform. The largest open-source and free to use platform for the new generation.

There will be an airdrop sometime in June for EOS token holders. Tokens would be distributed based on a 1:1 ratio. More information can be gotten from their Medium page.

#16 – Prospectors Airdrop

The Prospectors is a multiplayer online real-time gaming platform that’s powered by EOS.

There will be a mini drop where 10,000 people will be able to earn up to 40 PGL tokens each. You can also get an extra 10 PGL tokens for referring your friend, and an additional 30 PGL tokens for following their Twitter page.

To qualify for airdrop, subscribe to the telegram group before the 30th of June to participate in the community chat before the set date.

#17 – Scatter Airdrop

Scatter has developed one of the most advanced projects which will provide an easy way to sign transactions and provide private data, protecting keys and unnecessary information.

Scatter Airdrop is scheduled for the 15th of June. Airdrop will be distributed based on the final EOS genesis snapshot. All qualified users will get a 40 RIDL tokens.

#18 – Trybe Airdrop

Trybe has built a platform for keeping up to date with cryptocurrencies and related events. You can also be a part of the platform and get paid for your contributions.

Airdrop will hold later in August 2018. You can register on the site to keep up to date with how things unfold.

#19 – YAIR Airdrop

YAIR (Your Art Is Reality) provides a platform that takes the value of art and secures it using blockchain technology, making it accessible to a global audience who are collectors, traders, and enthusiasts.

The airdrop is scheduled for the third quarter of the year, and it will be on a 1:2 ratio. EOS token holders will get 1 YAIR tokens for every 2 EOS tokens held. A total of 0.5 billion tokens will be distributed.

#20 – KARMA

The Karma project was developed to incentivize users to do good in the world. For doing good, you get KARMA tokens.

The Karma tokens will be distributed Q2 of 2018. The EOS Genesis Block Snapshot taken on the 2nd of June 2018 would be used to distribute the Karma tokens to EOS holders in a 6:1 ratio. For each 100 EOS tokens you have, you get 600 KARMA tokens when distributed. A total of 5.4 billion tokens will be distributed.

#21 – CryptoWizard Airdrop

The CryptoWizard is more of a collectible base token. They are purchased, earned, and auctioned on the blockchain. But the primary reason they exist is to be received as virtual gifts in real tournaments.

CryptoWizard will be one of the first set of projects to be launched on the EOS MainNet platform. There will also be an airdrop for those who register on the Wizard.One website. All that’s required is to enter your EOS wallet address and a valid email to get a wizard.

#22 – EON Airdrop

EON is said to be an intelligent, high-speed distributed network which defines a set of distributed protocols which solves the problem of the current block chain.

The airdrop, therefore, is expected sometime in June, and those who have over 100 EOS tokens at the time of the Genesis Snapshot are qualified for this airdrop. Airdropped tokens will be on a 1:1 ratio.

#23 – Qubicles Airdrop

PodOne will be launching the world’s first ever blockchain call centre marketplace called Qubicles. This platform will bring together employees and agents from all over the world using the decentralized dApp on the EOS blockchain network.

The Qubicles airdrop will be in two phases. A total of 24 million Qubicle (QBE) has been set aside to be distributed to EOS token holders who have less than 100k tokens as balance. The second phase of the airdrop will be the distribution of 1 million Qubicle (QBE) tokens to account holders with over 100k as EOS balance.

#24 – IRYO Airdrop

IRYO platform is building a platform to help protect medical records with the help of blockchain technology. Using an openEHR archetypes, patients can easily move around with their medical histories.

The platform would be airdropping their tokens to EOS token holders anytime from July 2018. All that’s required would be your EOS token wallet and a telegram account.

#25 – GiveyNation Airdrop

GiveyNation is a dApp built and run on the EOS blockchain platform. The decentralized application aims to end the dishonesty in the charity sector. This app will make fundraising process easy and transparent with each transaction recorded on a public ledger.

Snapshot for this airdrop is scheduled for June, but airdrop proper isn’t until the fourth quarter of 2018. GiveyNation tokens would be distributed on a 1:1 ratio to all EOS token holders.

Sound Warning

Note that not all project may turn out to be real at the end of the day, so you need to do your research and feel free to go with projects of your choice. You also need to be careful while dropping your information while registering with some projects.


Having launched the EOS mainnet, the former, which was based on the Ethereum blockchain has been frozen alongside its tokens. Also be aware that you may not lay hold of these tokens until wallets compatible with the mainnet are developed.

You can purchase EOS and store them on a safe wallet from Binance exchange.