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The Top Five Bitcoin Whales

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Are you wondering who the top five Bitcoin whales are? Here is a list of the people who hold vast amounts of this digital asset. 

Bitcoin has been around since 2009, making some early adopters millionaires while others have lost money trading or investing in this virtual asset. Bitcoin is undoubtedly volatile, but many investors believe that volatility makes it a suitable tradable commodity. For instance, when Bitcoin crashes, you can decide to buy the dip and earn huge returns after the crash because the value of Bitcoin rises after a drop. When people talk about Bitcoin whales, they often refer to people or entities that hold vast amounts of this digital currency. These individuals, known as Bitcoin whales, have vast amounts of this digital currency and are capable of causing significant price swings in the market. However, here are the top five Bitcoin whales in the cryptocurrency industry.

  1. Mathew Roszak

Mathew Roszak is an entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Arts/ Economics from Lake Forest College. Mathew previously worked as a venture capitalist and in private equity before he decided to build a cryptocurrency portfolio in 2012. Eventually, Mathew is a well-known Bitcoin investor and serves as the current chair of Bloq. In 2015, Roszak and a Bitcoin developer popularly known as Jeff Garzik founded Bloq, a blockchain technology startup that consults on projects such as helping banks store this digital money. Besides chairing Bloq, Mathew also created an initiative he co-led to give each member of congress $50 in the form of this digital currency. However, a few congress members appreciated the move while others resisted. In addition, Mathew is one of the giant Bitcoin whales that produced the first ever cryptocurrency documentary, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.

  1. Jed McCaleb

Jed was once a co-founder of Ripple, but he left due to a few disagreements with the other co-founders. After the fallout, he created a Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox and after a year, he launched another cryptocurrency exchange, a Ripple competitor with a huge asset base. More so, much of McCaleb’s wealth comes from the 3.5 billion XRP he owns and some additional 9 billion that he received as one of the founders of Ripple.

  1. Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao is one of the earliest founders of Bitcoin exchanges, and he created Binance in 2017, one of the most successful Bitcoin exchanges. Before founding Binance, Zhao worked on Wall Street, and since then, he has had a substantial online presence, leading to his popularity. Many people think Changpeng is a leader in this digital money world since he owns one of the third largest exchanges. However, besides Binance, you can trade Bitcoin on an exchange like an biticodes. In addition, Binance made Zhao a billionaire within just180 days.

  1. Sam Bankman-Fried

Most people refer to Sam as a young, innovative, and bright American entrepreneur who is a billionaire and an investor. Sam was created on the largest exchanges known as FTX but is also known as ‘built for traders, for traders.’ FTX does not only allow people to trade this digital currency but also offers innovative products, including industry-first derivatives, options, and volatility products. However, before Sam Bankman-Fried founded FTX, he was trading ETFs at Jane Street Capital, a trading firm.

  1. The Winklevoss Twins

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss, popularly known as the Winklevoss twins, are cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. However, they are the co-founders of Gemini, one of the leading exchanges, with Tyler being the CEO and Cameron, the president. On the other hand, before the Winklevoss twins founded Gemini, they won a $65 million settlement for their 2004 lawsuit against Facebook and made headlines. After winning the lawsuit, they decided to invest in this digital money.

The Bottom Line

This article has listed the top five Bitcoin whales that could cause significant market price swings. Therefore, crypto traders and investors should monitor their moves when trading or investing in Bitcoin.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents