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WalletInvestor – The All-In-One Cryptocurrency Website

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As a part-time crypto trader, I enjoy checking ranks and how a certain cryptocurrency increased in price over past months. Until today, my favorite website to check everything about a certain crypto was CoinMarketCap. But not anymore. Today I found the ultimate gem when it comes to cryptocurrency statistics& graphs website – the WalletInvestor.

Besides the fact the interface looks so much better, there is not advertising on it – yet. And the design is absolutely marvelous. And not only on a desktop PC – on mobile too. Unlike other websites, you don’t need to swipe right or left to see all the details. Everything is displayed properly and you can see all the important details about a cryptocurrency.

What Are The Best Features Of WalletInvestor?

Firstly, you can sort the cryptocurrencies by Last Price, Percentage changed within the last 24 hours,  Market cap and Number of coins. It’s a great tool if you want to sort the cryptocurrencies and find out which one have the most coins. Or if you want to see which has increased in price more over the last 24 hours.

Besides this, You can also click on a cryptocurrency and check more details about it. Unlike other, WalletInvestor display the chance in percentage over the last hour, the last 24 hours and the last 7 days. It also offers a few details about certain cryptocurrencies as you may see here.

But the thing I like the most is that you can comment on a cryptocurrency page. It’s a great way to publish news about that certain coin or to speak with other people interested in it. For example, Bitcoin already have 5 comments on its WalletInvestor page.

Then, there’s the WalletInvestor Cryptocurrency Compare service. You can easily select two cryptocurrencies and compare them by common statistics like : Price, Percentage change in the last hour, Available Supply, The evolution over the past 7 days and so on. This way you can compare two cryptocurrencies and see who’s the ‘winner’.

Lastly, there’s the WalletInvestor Cryptocurrency Calculator&Converter. By using this, you may convert a cryptocurrency like Monero into dollar or into another cryptocurrency. For example, maybe you want to see how many Ripple you can buy with 1 Bitcoin. By doing an easy calculation, you may see that at this point you can buy 17,644 XRP for 1 Bitcoin. You can also see if in the past days it was more profitable to buy and the Graph of Change from the X cryptocurrency to the Y cryptocurrency.

The Cryptocurrency Forecast – Created With AI & Machine Learning

This is probably the thing that makes WalletInvestor unique. The team actually created a software that would predict a forecast for any cryptocurrency. For example, you may check the Bitcoin forecast. As you may notice, the forecast doesn’t look impossible. In fact, it might be exactly how Bitcoin would grow in the future. But these are just based on machine learnings – it doesn’t guarantee any success and should not be used for deciding if investing in a cryptocurrency is worth or not. There are more factors than this.

But you can do a test. Click on your favorite cryptocurrency, save the forecast data and check after a month or two if the price was according to the WalletInvestor forecast or not. Most of the cryptocurrencies have their own page where you can see more details as well as a price prediction for the next months/ next year.

WalletInvestor is a website that comes with something different. It comes with an overdose of professionalism for data statistics in the crypcurrency field. I actually hope more and more people find out about it.


Table of Contents


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