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What is Genesis Vision (GVT)? All You Need To Know


Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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It is clear that Genesis Vision is an exciting venture that combines exchanges, investors, traders, and brokers on a decentralized platform. This concept makes the financial market globally accessible by anyone for diverse reasons. What’s more, the Genesis Vision project is certified, this makes it a more attractive to industry experts.

What is Genesis Vision?

The Genesis Vision platform brings together exchanges, investors, traders, and brokers on one decentralized network. This helps make the financial market globally accessible to everyone for different reasons. What’s more, Genesis Vision is certified, making it the top choice for industry experts.

To further explain what the Genesis Vision does, the platform is where investors purchase tokens from investment managers. Past trading performances judge investment managers. Managers with successful histories of profitable trades can distribute more tokens than investors with less or worse trading history.

Through this platform, users can gain access to a range of financial services without being restricted to a particular broker or manager. People have the option of choosing financial managers of their choice.

How Genesis Vision Works

how it works gvt

With an easy to use interface which appeals to investors, managers, and brokers as well, the platform is built on a blockchain technology and is being run by smart contracts.

The platform allows users build the investment strategies that suites them. It’s also possible for users to choose a particular strategy offered by investors and brokers on the platform. These strategies are AI (artificial intelligence) based and it’s being improved on to become very efficient over time.

Also, every manager will have his/her cryptocurrency token. These tokens are purchased by those who are interested in investing in specific strategies by these managers. For every successful strategy, the number of tokens issued to investors increase. This is a unique approach compared to traditional investing, but it’s certain this will boost the market in the future.

Features Of The Genesis Vision Platform

Smart Contracts:

The foundation of the project is built on Ethereum Smart Contracts. These contracts execute to distribute profits between coin holders, issue out manager coins, create manager accounts, register brokers and investors, exchanges and lots more.

Internal exchange of managers’ cryptocurrencies:

This feature of the Genesis Vision platform allows investors to purchase or sell managers’ coins. Managers will only have a limited amount of coins to sell to investors depending on their levels. These coins at first can only be purchased from managers themselves for a fixed price. Subsequently, they can be traded between investors through the internal exchange, giving investors the right to set their prices for managers’ coin owned.

Integration with trading platforms:

For a broker to be part of the Genesis Vision network, a broker needs to install an integration plugin for his trading platform. This plugin is a connector between the blockchain and brokers’ trading platform to interact with smart contracts and the Ethereum Broker’s wallet, transfer money to the manager’s trading account, and also to receive transactions of the manager and write to IPFS in real time.

Client Applications:

Users can interact with the Genesis Vision platform through an easy to use mobile and web application interface. The application will allow investors and managers perform different actions which include viewing a list of managers, exchanging managers’ coins, investing in managers portfolios, and viewing managers trading history.

The Genesis Vision Token

The Native Token for the Genesis Vision platform is the GVT (Genesis Vision Token), which is an ERC20 token. The GVT will be used for investment operations, profit distributions, managers’ token traded on the internal exchange on the platform.

All tokens are created during the Token Sale period. The number of tokens generated is limited, and future supply of the token is technically impossible. Unsold tokens were burned at the end of Token Sale.

The Ethereum blockchain based token corresponds to a widely distributed standard, allowing token holders to efficiently store and manage them using existing implementations of Ethereum wallets.

The GVT tokens would be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges as well.

Where To Purchase Genesis Vision Tokens (GVT)?

The GVT tokens, which has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges towards the end of 2017 can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on three exchanges as at the time of writing. You can purchase GVT tokens on the Binance, KuCoin, and HitBTC exchanges.

Genesis Vision Tokens (GVT) can only be exchanged for Bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, the CoinSwitch platform allows you to exchange over 20 cryptocurrencies for GVT tokens.

Best Wallets To Store GVT tokens

GVT, being an ERC20 token means it’s compatible with any Ethereum Standard Wallet.

Token holders can securely store their GVT tokens on hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger wallets.

There are other software wallet options like the MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, and Trust Ethereum wallets.

GVT Price Analysis

GVT Chart

The Genesis Vision has been quite impressive since its listing on exchanges given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. It’s fair to say the GVT has done exceptionally well for a token that has only been around for only four months with less than 4,000,000 GVT circulating supply.

With the solution the platform offers, it’s expected that many more investors who have previously had problems with financial agents would be potential investors on the Genesis Vision platform, therefore making the market to see an increase in the demand of GVT tokens and people get to know the Genesis Vision platform.

The token currently ranked 102nd from 146th has been in demand showing a potential in its price which is now at $25.21 as of today. The potential of the platform has also added to the value of the cryptocurrency which rose over a hundred percent in February 2018 alone.

As its with most tokens, GVT has been volatile and has been seen hitting an all-time high of $42.92 sometime in December 2017 and its lowest point at $5.57. However, the cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of $93,951,774 (USD).

Future Plans

gvt roadmap

The Genesis Vision project is still in the initial stages, and the team is working on developing the alpha version of their blockchain platform. There’s also a plan to integrate the MetaTrader 3 and 4 with the Genesis Vision project.

In 2019, the official release of the Genesis Vision platform should be released by which the stock exchange integration would have been completed.

Team Behind Genesis Vision Project

team members gvt

Ruslan Kamenskiy, CEO Genesis Vision, is a financial software developer with over seven years of experience.

Dmitry Nazarov, co-founder of Genesis Vision is also a software developer with over six years experience in various international financial organizations.

Other notable members of the team include:

Alexey Kutsenko, CEO of Tools For Brokers whose fintech company has been operating for over eight years and had more than 300 brokers as clients.

Vlad Roskov, a competitive hacker who is responsible for the security of the system.

Casimir Compaore, a senior software engineer with over ten years experience.


The Genesis Trading platform will bring together all parties in the financial world irrespective of their trading platform. Investment experts can rise to the top of the table based on consistent profits made, giving them the opportunity to earn more. With managers issuing their cryptocurrencies, investors purchase them to participate in manager’s trading activity.

You can know more about the Genesis Vision project form the official website.