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What is Steem – How Bloggers Can Earn More Than $100 Per Day

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Cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere, in fact, they are here to stay and revolutionize everything around them, like the case of social media; a field in which cryptocurrencies have been trying to get into for a bit of time now.

Apparently, the waiting is over, and the incursions in the social media are a reality now with the social network Steemit, a platform based on the blockchain, that in addition to providing its users with privacy that no other platform has delivered yet, it also awards them with incredible benefits, including money.

Of course, since it works using blockchain technologies, the platform functions in a decentralized way, a feature that a lot of users appreciate.

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Unlike starting your own blog, the best part about Steemit is that every time you publish something on the network, you can get retribution for it (and handsome one at that).

The compensation the network grants you is based on the votes the content you share receives, so basically, the more votes you get, the more money you earn.

Naturally, this takes us to believe that a larger amount of followers would guarantee someway a higher amount of votes, and consequently, the money made. But the truth is it doesn’t work this way, not all of the followers actually comment or vote on each publication, so the best way out is to share high-quality content.

The best tips to make money using the Steemit network

  • The only key to engage with your followers and have a warranty that you will obtain votes or comments from them is by sharing valuable content, information that genuinely may be of interest; so think thoroughly, and make sure you have excellent contents to share.
  • Make sure your follow activity is accurate, which means making sure of not following people who’s content you don’t interact with, this does put in a position of a non-organic follower. Similarly, don’t follow a huge amount of people, although this may help you to have a great amount of followers as well, not all the times it works.
  • Pay the appropriate attention to your news feed and never forget to interact with your followers, every interaction will guarantee you a great relationship with them. Think carefully about the content and how to interact with it; comment, vote, and esteem shrewdly.
  • Keep interacting no matter who do you think is reading, if you maintain the frequency at which you post content as well as the quality, surely someone will show interest.
  • Exploit the advantages of SteemIt.chat, through this platform you can encourage your followers to collaborate onto your content, interact with their posts, or even comment somebody else’s ones.

What are the secrets for making a 100 dollars gains daily with Steemit?

  • Providing high-quality content: You can post as many materials as you desire, in this particular matter there isn’t any rule established, that’s why by creating ten posts a day you could be earning the fantastic amount of 100 dollars, and potentially 700 dollars that week. A great tip that could help you make people read all your 10 posts, is to create series of content. So basically, each publication would be related to the previous, which guarantees that if your follower read the first one, and you managed to get its attention, that follower potentially will read the following ones as well.
  • Being as active as possible: You have the chance of earning from $50 to $100 on a daily basis, the only thing you need to assure is to stay active, the most that you can. By interacting, commenting, or upvoting you can make a reasonable income each week, just keep in mind, the more you stay on the platform, the better.
  • Exploiting the prestige of having a high SteemPower: SteemPower is the figure the platform uses to determine how influential you are in the network, if you have a high SP your upvotes have more value, which means you help other earn more, and the same applies for your rewards. It results very favorably this way to have the SP in your wallet above the number of 500; this fact will collaborate enormously with your gains on the network.
  • Keeping the followers number increasing: Your followers need to be continually growing, and the best way to do it is by posting high-quality content. When your followers get involved with your posts, they are more likely to want to interact with it, which is the fundamental principle of gaining more followers and earning more money.
  • Enjoying participation: It is more likely that you manage to engage the followers with your content if you really enjoy what you are doing. By writing content you genuinely appreciate, people will feel the honesty in each and every one of your publications. Keep up the meaningful conversations, and verify your news feed is always congruent, by doing this you will be right on track.
  • Maintaining an active curation: An active curation is crucial for you to keep earning good money, so you better invest quality time identifying what the main characteristics of a high-quality content are, and of course, don’t forget to learn how to curate, that’s the interaction code on Steemit.

Working hard – The key to making out of SteemIt (a helpful tool)

Don’t misunderstand SteemIt, and the benefits will be amazing for you. Working on the platform may be seen as a simple thing to do, but it actually requires a lot of passion, determination, and constancy.
If you apply each one of the recommendations enlisted above, you might be catching up with a rate of 100 dollars a day soon, and if you push yourself enough, you can obtain a secure income out of the social platform.

Whether this takes a little bit or a lot of work depends entirely on you, your capability of creation, your interaction, your time and dedication.

But for sure, this can be the dream job you have been asking for… So what are you waiting for? Start creating from now on the most engaging contents, all of the SteemIt community is waiting for you.


Jide Idowu

Jide Idowu

Cryptocurrency freelance writer. Many hours dedicated to researching on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and so on has increased my experience in this field.

Table of Contents