Which Altcoins Are Going To Explode This Year?

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2017 was a fantastic year for the cryptocurrency, but so far 2018 has not been kind to enthusiasts and investors. A prolonged price dip has left many in the space badly bruised, especially if they are new to this particular investment vehicle.

However, don’t give up yet folks. We’ve seen some green recently, and that has many preparing for what they believe will soon be another bull run on the crypto space. However, you may be wondering exactly where you should be placing your money this year.

You may need to do a little more thorough evaluating this time around. However, there are still lots of great deals waiting to be scooped up. While we have seen a little bit of green, many excellent projects are still trading for rock bottom prices.

It would be wise to be on the lookout for undervalued projects with great tech, talented teams, and amazing branding. Many great projects fit the bill, but in this article, we’ll go over a few choices that could have excellent potential for the upcoming season. As always, invest only what you can afford.


If you’re looking for a more safety conscience investment, then there’s hardly a better choice than Ethereum. Despite heavy market sell pressure, this asset has made a stellar recovery, and it continues to rise. According to the Ethereum investment analysis  there’s plenty more room to grow, and this big project would be a great portfolio addition.

No doubt when they finish their Plasma solution to address the scaling issues that have plagued their native chain this growth will only continue. They already have a huge number of other platforms using them for tokenization and apps. They aren’t likely to give up their number 2 market cap spot any time soon.

While many competitors have surfaced in the DAapp area, ETH is still the biggest, and they have a first mover advantage here that can’t be ignored. If you’re looking to diversify some profits into a slightly more stable large-cap cryptocurrency, this is an excellent choice for you to consider.


While there are a ton of blockchain based companies looking to help businesses in the procedure of loading their services on to the blockchain, the reality is that fortune 500 companies will never use them. Why? The ledger is simply too transparent.

These companies have proprietary software that they have an interest in protecting. They will never leave their sensitive data to a third party. Fortunately, solutions like Dragonchain are offering the opportunity for them to utilize everything the blockchain has to offer while still allowing them to retain their own data.

This makes the Dragonchain service unique to other offerings, and this feature will allow companies with sensitive information such as financial institutions or even government offices to use the blockchain safely for their enterprise applications. This asset has been creeping slowly upward in price lately, get it before it’s gone, folks!

High-Performance Blockchain

This is an interesting solution to the inherent scaling problems with other blockchain projects. This Chinese startup plans to use a hardware accelerator to speed up transactions, while still using the efficiency of the blockchain’s ledger.

By using hardware to offload part of the computing power required they claim to be capable of handling millions of transactions per second. This would put them ahead of even enterprise level financial processors such as Visa, which is what many in the space have been trying and failing to achieve.

What’s more is this company already has a high profile partnership with Union Pay. It’s estimated that this company processes some 80% of financial transactions in China. This is a huge deal, and it will put them light years ahead of any other startups looking to enter the space. They also have a partnership with another popular Chinese blockchain company, Neo.

While I’m as of yet undecided whether this solution is better than the delegated proof of stake setup proposed by EOS, I can see this platform going far in 2018 thanks to their unusual technology, and their Union Pay partnership. Feel free to watch, but don’t sleep on it too much.

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