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6 Freelance Platforms & Jobs That Pay in Bitcoin!

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There are several freelance platforms. Each of them is different but have amazing opportunities for freelancers searching for work. Most of the freelance platforms will help you get access to unique offers.  Every The world is gradually moving away from the concept of 9-5, suit and tie and monthly salary jobs. All over the world, people have been encouraged to be self-reliant and self-sufficient by working from the comfort of their homes.

It’s getting better, the invention of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the likes broke the barriers of how freelancers are being paid after they render their services to clients at the other end of the world. The conventional method was finding people who could pay at your term – what you can easily cashout – and the known methods were bank wire, western union, and PayPal, which all had their own challenges.

Now, freelancers are able to take advantage of the borderless advantage cryptocurrencies offer, making it easy to get paid for their services no matter where they are in the world. And with cryptocurrencies being in high demand, finding who to exchange with or trading them on cryptocurrency exchanges for local currencies becomes very easy.

More and even more platforms emerge every day where freelancers can work and get paid in Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies as they choose. Listed below are a few places you can find employers in search of virtual workers or post offers of what you can render in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

6 Freelance Platforms  Jobs That Pay in Bitcoin

#1. CryptoGrind

One of the best places for a freelancer to get paid in Bitcoin is Cryptogrind. On this platform, users are given the opportunity to browse through various sections of jobs available, using basic words or keyword tags. The freelancer is able to set up a profile that includes his resume, basic information and the type of services he/she can render. One of the unique features of the platform is the ability of a freelancer dictating the price of his services.

The platform also serves as an escrow between the job seeker (freelancers) and the employer, holding unto agreed sum until the service is fully rendered and the employer is cool with the job by indicating with a click of a button.

Unlike other freelance platforms, CryptoGrind charges relatively less for using their platform. What’s more, you can earn an additional 2% commission from users you introduce to the platform from whatever they earn on the platform.

So, if you are looking for some extra income or you just have some hours every day to spare, why not offer your service on this platform for someone who needs it and get paid with ease.

#2. XBTFreelancer

Unlike the former, XBT Freelancer is a job board where employers are free to post offers and anyone who can render the service bids. Job offers on the platform are of numerous categories, from writing, translation, web design and development, social media moderation and a host of others.

The platform encourages users to make use of its escrow service feature in order to protect those who render their services from getting scammed.

The platform has been around for quite a while and has gotten a lot of attention from the crypto community. It’s pretty easy to find your desired job on this platform depending on what you can offer.

#3. Coinality

This is unarguably one of the most popular cryptocurrency job board platforms on the internet today. The popularity owes to the fact that there are quite a number of employers on this platform, who are constantly on the lookout for various degree of freelancers in no small measure. Programmers, web designers, content writers and all are regularly in demand on the platform.

Unlike XBT Freelancer, employers are giving full details on how to apply for these jobs as posted by job employers. Though this might be risky in some cases, but people have also been able to meet with trustworthy employers via this platform as well.

Job poster/employer would normally indicate the payment method, which is usually in cryptocurrencies, but sometimes, to be safe, employers would prefer to work with people who are registered on other freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork just to make sure they don’t meet with people who would collect some upfront payment for a job to be delivered and abscond.

However, Coinality can be said to be one of the best places where job seekers and employers meet, and most times, jobs posted on this platform are on long-term bases.

#4. r/Jobs4Bitcoins

Unlike the others, this is a group on a social media platform called Reddit, which have become popular over the years for posting job offers and offering cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, most especially bitcoins for whoever can complete the task.

If you are familiar with Facebook groups, then you should have a pretty good understanding of how subreddits work.

The r/Jobs4Bitcoins sub-reddit presently has a member base of about 19,000 users from all over the globe. Though this is not a platform of its own, it has become more popular than some platforms out there as getting something to do isn’t so farfetched and applying for your desired job is as easy as sending a chat conversation as well.

At the time of writing, the latest update of the Reddit app has included a notification feature, just like that of YouTube, for Reddit users. This is helpful for those who don’t have the time to always check the platform at regular intervals for jobs which they qualify for. The app simply notifies people of what has recently been posted, and the freelancers can easily filter what he’s interested in from what he’s not.

Though it’s possible to find people who want to pay in other methods outside cryptocurrencies, but payments for services here are offered in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other forms of cryptocurrency both party agree upon at the initial stage.

#5. Crypto Jobs

Another popular job board for the cryptocurrency world. Just like other job boards, employers use the Crypto Jobs platform to find qualified candidates for different tasks they need to be done, on full-time or part-time bases.

The platform boasts of about 5,000 members which makes it a good spot for finding desired jobs. Jobs posted span a whole lot of categories. For those who have a pretty good idea on how to develop decentralized applications and fix other blockchain related tasks, Crypto Jobs is probably the best place to be.

Writers are not left out, as the increasing demand for experienced writers keeps rising daily. 2 out of 10 jobs posted on the platform should be a position for those who have a flair for writing and as such an avenue to make considerable income rendering writing skills over the internet.

#6. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is first and foremost known for releasing up-to-date news articles about happenings in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Of recent, the platform has dived into connecting their reader base with job openings.

Unlike other platforms, you can be sure jobs posted on Cointelegraph are from genuine sources as they are properly verified before they are released on the platform.

The job section of the site is located on the subdomain, The simple to use platform not only connects people to their desired/remote jobs but also guides users/job seekers on best practices when searching for jobs online.

Its one of the most reliable platform, well known, respected and besieged by employers who are looking for qualified people.

What You Need to Know about Freelance Platforms

Working from home requires that you have a good working internet connection, a personal computer, stable electricity and most especially, a cryptocurrency wallet as that’s needed to get payments online.

The type of cryptocurrency wallet required depends on what coin/token you accept. To avoid installing multiple cryptocurrency wallet apps on your phone, you can easily install a third-party wallet which can hold multiple coins like the Exodus, Coinomi, and a whole lots more.


The list compiled above have been chosen is considered to have stood the test of time. Many other freelance platforms have come and closed up, and few more haven’t really gotten the attention needed.

If you are using any of the platforms listed above, you can be sure that you are one step closer to earning a living online depending on what service you can offer or your availability.