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Ethereum (ETH) users could soon benefit from improved and enhanced privacy thanks to Stealth Addresses. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, wrote a blog
According to the Belgian financial regulator, Bitcoin (BTC) is not a security. This is a very important for Bitcoin and the crypto industry as
Volatility in the cryptocurrency market could continue until 2023 according to DeVere CEO, Nigel Green. In a recently released market analysis, the CEO of
Riptide, a white hat hacker, revealed a critical Arbitrum bug on the Ethereum scaling solution and claimed a reward of 400 ETH. He carefully
Bitcoin (BTC), the most valuable digital currency in the market, lost almost 3% of its value in the last 24 hours as Ethereum registered
Ethereum Classic (ETC) saw its hash rate skyrocket after the Ethereum Merge, which took place earlier today. According to data shared by, the
Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) take the lead this week as they surged close to 9% each, according to data shared by CoinGecko. Other
Remember Gamestop?  Yes, the infamous Gamestop(GME) where Redditors in the WallStreetBets subreddit came together for a war against hedge funds and caused the ultimate
Although it would be wrong to say “forget about Bitcoin”, there is another cryptocurrency that is available on the market currently that has also
Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency around the world, which is very popular among investors. With a new update to come, more people than ever
The CEO and Chairman of Visa, Alfred F. Kelly Jr. has shown they are bullish on virtual currencies. In a recent interview with CNBC,
David Schwartz, Ripple CTO, has revealed how much XRP he has. This is not the first time that Mr. Schwartz reveals information about his
Cardano (ADA) users and enthusiasts are always waiting for new updates related to the official release of Goguen. Cardano developers and project managers released
Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the market, has registered a new trading volume record. In the last 24 hours, the company
The cryptocurrency market continues to register massive gains. Ethereum (ETH) and XRP are at the forefront of this new bull run. While a few