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Why Accepting Bitcoin Can Open Up Your Business To A Whole New Range Of Customers

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In this world of constant change, we need to be able to be as flexible as we possibly can be. This is so with our personal and our business lives. We have to provide a service to our customers, which shows that we are the best at whatever it is that we do or provide. Showing that we are up to date with all aspects within the realms of business is the best way of doing this.

At the top of that list is accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for the products and services we offer. While the uptake may be slim to none at first, the fact that your business has made this move indicates to the average customer that you are an early adopter of new ideas.

Use Bitcoin for everyday purchases

Not that Bitcoin is a new idea, but as a standard payment method, it is a step forward and something to be at the forefront of if you want your online business to grow. It might seem like a revolutionary (or daft) idea right now, but in 20 years, businesses that don’t accept mainstream cryptocurrencies are likely to be viewed the same as businesses that only take cash are today.

It’s not just businesses that need to get their head around using cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases. For the person in the street, cryptocurrencies are the things that you buy and sit in your Coinbase account and grow, not things you use to but things with.

this way of thinking could hold the key to opening up your business to a whole new range of customers. But this can only be possible by leveraging resources already within your business and are already positively viewed by customers.

Gradual integration

The first line here is having a professional team as your customers’ first point of contact. If you have a small business or work with just a small team of people, it isn’t always easy to stop what you are doing to answer the phone. You can hire a virtual assistant to take care of this. Virtual assistants will be well trained and will have excellent telephone manners.

This team can let your regular ‘old school’ customers (the ones least likely to change their habits) know that you now accept cryptocurrencies, and while they probably won’t be paying you next time in Bitcoin, it will be at the back of their minds and something they could look into further.

Your frontline team will be over and above what is displayed on your website. Making a big thing of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method might not be a wise idea, but integrating it into every page or dropdown where payment methods are mentioned will show customers you accept it and that it is perfectly normal for them to pay with it.

A few final thoughts

In conclusion, the problem with integrating cryptocurrencies into your business lies as much with the customer’s interpretation of currencies like Bitcoin as the way other businesses view them. However, with a few small changes and a little time, a customer paying in Bitcoin will be a regular event and not a novelty.

Table of Contents


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