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All You Need To Know About The ICON (ICX) Airdrop


Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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What is ICON (ICX)?

ICON (ICX), a massive platform which allows various blockchains to interact with one another through smart contracts. The project aims to connect the world, building one of the biggest decentralised networks in the world.

The team has a couple of things up their sleeves for the next few weeks and have recently made a public announcement about their plans as regards to the ICX token and new storage wallets. The team also plans to airdrop tokens to verified addresses.

How To Receive The ICON (ICX) Token Airdrop

ICON is set to give free ICX tokens in an Airdrop to ICONex ICX wallet users. Emails have been sent to those who qualify for the airdrop.

A survey company was used to collect the information required for the airdrop and email has been sent out from [email protected] via research.net”.

ICX tokens to be distributed in the airdrop will be as main net ICX coins and not ERC20 tokens, and can only be received through the ICONex ICX wallet. After a simple verification process, airdrop would be sent out this month.

The ICON team will never ask for individuals private keys before they can get their free tokens. If anyone qualified for the airdrop does not see mail, the user should check spam folder or promotion tabs. If it’s still not seen, use this link to drop your information with the team.

ICONex Wallet: Compatible Wallet For The Airdrop

The official wallet of the ICX cryptocurrency, the ICONex wallet is officially released. The wallet is available as a Google Chrome Browser Extention for PC users. The Android and iOS versions are said to be released soon.

The wallet includes features like transfer, storage, and seed backup. However, the wallet only stores ICX main net tokens and not ERC20 tokens.

The ICON (ICX) tokens in circulation are ERC20 tokens and can be transferred to the ICONex wallet by sending tokens to an ETH wallet address.

To access the wallet, click here. Click on “Wallet” button on the top and move to Chrome extension page. Click “Add To Chrome” button at the top right corner.

Click here to see full guide on how to setup your ICONex wallet.

ICON ICX Token Swap

The team is currently preparing the ERC20 token to ICX coin swap. The exact time hasn’t been announced, but it’s scheduled to happen sometime in March 2018.

After the token swap process begins, ICX ERC20 tokens can be used to make transactions. After several months of announcements about the token swap, the ERC20 tokens would be burned and no longer usable.

The team promises to leave ample time for everyone to swap your ERC20 tokens to ICX coins before it’s burned.

Exchanges To List ICON (ICX) Tokens

The ICON (ICX) token has been listed on the Bithumb Exchange and will soon be on the Upbit Exchange real soon.

Aside from the airdrop by the ICON team, there will be another ICON Airdrop Event to say thank you to Bithumb exchange members.

The global cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb listed the ICX to celebrate the Bithumb Pro Platform Launch.

“Through deliberation of Bithumb Cryptocurrency Deliberative Committee, we list ICON (ICX) called ‘Korean Version of ETH’ and stands out in the interchain project.”

The Exchange would be airdropping the ICON tokens in 2 separate events.

Event 1: Trade and get ICON Airdrop

Bithumb Members who trades 1,000,000 Won or more within the event period qualifies for this stage of airdrop.

The event is to hold on Wednesday 21st March 2018 to Sunday 25th March 2018.

Token distribution would be based on signup period of members.

  • Sign up above 3 years gets a 20 ICX token reward.
  • Between 1 and 3 years gets a 10 ICX token reward.
  • 6 months to 1 year gets a 5 ICX token reward.
  • Accounts less than 6 months get 2 ICX tokens.

Airdrop is scheduled for the Friday 6th of April, 2018.

Event 2: Deposit then trade, and get 1% of Deposit

This is open to all members.

The event will also hold between Wednesday 21st March 2018 and Sunday 25th March 2018.

There’ll be a 1% payback on all ICON token deposit on the exchange during the said period.

All that’s needed is to create an address on the exchange, make a deposit, and await your reward.

Airdrop is scheduled for Friday 6th April 2018 as well.

More details on this event can be found on the Bithumb official website.