ATM Network Bity Adds Monero Support At Its Terminals

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The Swiss-based cryptocurrency company that runs an ATM network added support for Monero (XMR). According to the company, it would now be possible to purchase this cryptocurrency on all its cryptocurrency ATMs. The information was released by the company in a blog post a few days ago. Last week, Bity added support for Ethereum (ETH) on its terminals.

Bity Adds Support for Monero

There are more than 4,000 crypto-related ATMs around the world, and most of them accept Bitcoin. However, hundreds of others accept other virtual currencies as well. Bity will be adding support for Monero on the terminals that it operates. According to the company, they do really value privacy and individual rights.

Monero is known in the virtual currency market as a privacy cryptocurrency. It allows users to transact funds without informing the network which is the amount they are transacting. Bitcoin or other networks such as Litecoin, do not provide privacy features such as Monero.

The company wrote as follows:

“Our company highly values privacy and individual rights. We believe tools that include privacy by-design features will be key to the development of a human-centric focused digital economy. Monero is one of the tools that support that key effort.”

The crypto terminals that the company offers have low transaction fees, real-time pricing that is updated every 30 seconds and a secure connection. Furthermore, there are guides available for users that need it and a dedicated support team. The ATMs are also available in different languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish or German. Furthermore, the company informs that it complies with all the AML procedures in Switzerland.

It is possible to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero using Euros (EUR) or Swiss Francs (CHF). The company currently has several ATMs available in Zurich, Lausanne or Winterthur, among other cities.

There are 74 different countries operating Bitcoin ATMs. The countries with the largest number of ATMs are the United States with 2393 locations, Canada with 699 ATMs, and Austria with 263 locations. Switzerland has 42 crypto ATMs in its territory located in many different cities. Additionally, it is the 9th country taking into account the number of ATMs available.

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Monero is currently the 12th largest virtual currency. It has a price of $54 and a market capitalization of $903 million.

Monero is also one of the most exciting blockchain and cryptocurrency projects out there. As we wrote, Monero XMR is the best privacy coin on the market right now. You can read about Monero’s bulletproof update and our Monero XMR Price Prediction article as well.

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