John Asher

I am a crypto-enthusiast that likes to write about the blockchain industry. Mostly, I'm interested in the gaming industry and how it will revolutionize in-game asset ownership.

Cryptocurrency’s New Era: Unity & Security

The Changing Face of Finance with Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is changing how we think about money. It moves us away from banks and gives people more ...

by John Asher

Bitcoin Price Chart Analysis

Bitcoin is currently touching the top of a channel. If it can break through, then we potentially have a bull run up to the $150,000 ...

by John Asher

Top 3 Life-Changing Crypto Airdrops in 2023

– A list of real, valuable crypto airdrops Blockchain projects use cryptocurrency airdrops as a marketing strategy to provide free tokens to the community. The ...

by John Asher

Proof-of-Work: How Bitcoin Offers Robust Security

Explore Bitcoin’s robust security through its Proof-of-Work mechanism, ensuring data integrity and unparalleled protection in the crypto world. In the constantly changing landscape of digital ...

by John Asher