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Beoble ($BLL) Points System Guide (Airdrop Soon?)

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Key Takeaways

  • Beoble is a Web3-based messaging system that lets people with crypto wallets chat directly with each other.
  • Beoble uses a unique network called a “communication delivery graph” to enable secure messaging between crypto wallets.
  • The project provides a web app for users to chat and offers a developer toolkit for integrating chat functionality into decentralized applications (DApps).

What Is Beoble?

Beoble is a communication platform bringing Web3-based messaging experiences to end users. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Wallet-To-Wallet Chat – Beoble focuses on enabling users to chat directly with each other through their crypto wallets.
  • End-To-End Encryption – The platform utilizes end-to-end encryption for messages. This means only the sender and receiver can access the content of their chats.
  • Web3 Focus – The project aims to provide a messaging experience that uses Web3 data and functionality. This could involve integrating with decentralized applications (dapps) or using crypto assets within chats.

Beople Airdrop (How To Earn CAT Points?)

In a recent update, Beoble introduced a new system called “CAT Points.” These will likely determine who receives tokens during their upcoming airdrop of the $BBL tokens.

To incentivize the community, Beoble has allocated 10% of the total $BBL tokens for the airdrop. 

As per the team, the only way to earn CAT points is by actively participating in chat room interactions and completing loyalty tasks. The more you participate in discussions and contribute valuable content, the more CAT points you will earn.

Your contributions are determined by the number of Super Reacts received, Super Reacts sent, Normal Reacts received, and other forms of engagement.

You can also earn CAT points by completing loyalty tasks like referrals, participating in daily, weekly, and even secret tasks, and joining bonus campaigns.

Final Thoughts

CAT Points are automatically awarded to you for participating and being active! You can quickly check your current points balance in the “Reward Center” section of the app. Good luck!

Table of Contents


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