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BetKing.io – The King Of Crypto Gambling Is Back

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If you’re familiar with Bitcoin gambling which is increasing in popularity – you surely heard about BetKing.io – the famous bitcoin dice website. BetKing was launched in April 2013 and until the end of 2014 became the most popular crowd funded Bitcoin casino. Starting 2015, they have wagered 400,000+ Bitcoin – aproximatively like all their competitors combined.  BetKing crowdfunded more than 6,000 Bitcoin and therefore had the highest betting limits. Soon they were recognized as the most trusted dice site. In December 2016, BetKing had to close.

Why Did BetKing Close In 2016?

Money certainly wasn’t a problem for Dean – the BetKing.io owner. Since August 2014 until the platform was closed in late 2016 – BetKing.io made 7400 in profit. That’s a 1.8% house winning, among the lowest in the industry.

But Dean wanted something more. As he declared in a interview for Bitcoin Millionare, he worked 4 years on the platform with no staff. He was doing everything. Even if you earn a lot of money, sometimes you need a break. Dean needed one then. Mostly to think what to do with BetKing.io in the future.

And he know what he needed to do. He wanted to be the owner of the #1 gambling website worldwide. That’s why he decided to have an ICO.

BetKing ICO – The First Step To Launch A Successful Gambling Website

As I mentioned, the BetKing was crowd funded at first. Right now it’s different. This time, he launched an ICO for re-creating the world’s trusted dice website. BetKing also had an pre-sale with a 25% discount on purchasing the BKB tokens. The BetKing pre-sale earned 372 Bitcoin and 716 Ethereum – more than $1,800,000 in FIAT cash.

Also, they wanted to give their players the opportunity to play more games. So, the new version of BetKing will also have Blackjack and Roulette games.

The ICO obtained more than $6 million in funding. In the last week, there were 763 Bitcoin, 4,232 Ethereum and 793 LiteCoin raised. Besides this, they opened early to let players bet on the main sporting event of 2017. With over $1.5 million wagered in this match, they proved that they can reach #1 Bitcoin gambling website.

The King Comes Back For The Throne

Since September 2017, Betking.io is back (Now closed again)! Right now, you play your favorite dice game using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Over the next months, they plan to release the new platform which will have a lot of new features. Besides the Blackjack and Roulette games mentioned before, there will also be a platform for poker and sports. Moreover, there’s going to be some new cryptocurrency supported by BetKing. Also, BetKing plans to have a mobile app where you can play your favorite games from your phone. But what I especially like about BetKing is the impressive easy to use interface of their Bitcoin dice game.

It looks clean and professional like any gambling website should do. And the best of it – If you’re not familiar with the game you can press the ‘ How to play’ button and you’ll open the tutorial which will help you get familiar with the dice game.

With BetKing, you can always set a percentage of profit that you want. Like for example – if you want a 10% profit per bet, you should put 90 in the ‘Chance’ text box. This way, you can play for higher bets with a nice chance of winning.  If you lost a bet, don’t worry. You can set the next one to be multiplied by a couple of times. And this can be set automatically, without you needed to click each time you lose a bet.

To play with on BetKing.io, you need to register on teh site. Don’t want to put your email there to keep your data secured? Don’t worry, the email submit is optional and you can play with an account and password only. The deposit process is extremely simple and it takes less than 2 minutes. You just deposit funds to the BTC/LTC/ETH address.

But Is BetKing Secure?

Security is where BetKing got his second name. You can limit your account to login only from trusted IP addresses. You can do the same for BTC/LTC/ETH withdraw addresses. By setting it up, no one could withdraw your funds to another address except the one you’ve configured. If you want to hide your bets – don’t worry. BetKing thought about that too. With pressing a simple button your bets and stats will be completely private. Also, you can request an email verification every time you log in. Oh, and yes – you can refer a friend and earn a commission out of his bets.

With all the things listed before, BetKing is almost unhackable. Also, the owner of BetKing.io declared that 99% of the funds are kept in cold storage – therefore attackers won’t be able to hack this at all.

If you ever want to play a bitcoin dice game – or you’d like to gamble using ethereum or litecoin – you can use BetKing and see for yourself why they are the most trusted bitcoin dice website and why they’ll surely become the biggest casino in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry.


Table of Contents


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