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Bitcarra, a New I-gaming Platform, to be Launched Soon

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  • Digital Venture N.V. to launch its first product, Bitcarra, on 1st September 2021.
  • Unlimited opportunities for affiliate marketers.
  • The launch campaign will offer several rewards, bonuses, and competitions.
  • Learn more at https://www.bitcarra.com/

Digital Ventures N.V. will be launching its first i-gaming platform, Bitcarra, on 1st September 2021. Bitcarra will create an innovative virtual casino experience that gamers will find thrilling. The product launch will be accompanied by the Bitcarra 2021 Launch Party where players can win rewards worth up to 200,000 USDT.

Bitcarra has been created by a team of accomplished crypto and gaming experts. They put innovation first in every aspect. Their aim was to model a unique gaming sphere that follows the latest industry trends and puts them in the market-leading position. This goal encouraged them to create a brand new Bit-crash game that is one-of-a-kind.

Bitcarra will house two Bit-crash games. Players can enjoy the traditional Single-crash, where bets are placed on an increasing curve that can crash at any time, and the latest Dual-crash game where you can simultaneously bet on two increasing curves.

The fixed-player betting or the Baccarat-style Bit-crash game is one of the many innovative games that Digital Ventures N.V. plans to launch. Their innovative approach extends to the technology as well that they employ on their platform. With the help of Svelte JS, they have created the most lightweight and optimized applications that work smoothly on older and slower machines. Players can play their favorite games on any hardware.

Along with Bitcarra, they are also bringing to you the Bitcarra 2021 Launch Party where players can win USDT rewards and bonuses. The party will begin with a Welcome Bonus where early registrants will get free Carra Tokens. They can register directly on the website or use an affiliate link. Social Bonus and Top-up Bonus are the other two events where players can win USDT rewards for sharing their links on social media platforms and funding their Carra wallet. Every early adopter also qualifies for Spin to the Moon where they can double their actual win.

Bitcarra Launch Competition (BLC) will give players the opportunity to win up to 200,000 USDT. The Total Crash competitions and Grand Lotto are open for everyone.

This product launch will create beneficial opportunities for non-players alike. Their affiliate marketers can generate sizable active and passive income. They have a 6-tier system: Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Titanium. The goal of the affiliate marketers should be to reach the Titanium tier. The earning potential with Bitcarra is unlimited.

Bitcarra is the trailblazer product of Digital Ventures N.V. It is a platform that is supported by a hack-resistant architecture, a brilliant user interface, and innovation. They are also planning to host regular competitions for their players. With this product launch, they will be opening doors to a new virtual gaming experience that will transform the i-gaming industry forever. Digital Ventures N.V. is planning to launch many such unique games in the future.

Learn more about Bitcarra at https://www.bitcarra.com/

Table of Contents


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