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Bitcoin ATMs Around The World Surpass 5,000 Units And Could Keep Expanding

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The number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs around the world continues to expand every single month. This time, according to CoinATMRadar, there are more than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs available for users to have access to the cryptocurrency market. In the future, the number of machines is expected to keep growing.

Bitcoin ATMs Expand Around The World

According to data provided by CoinATMRadar, there are more than 5,000 ATMs around the world. These machines are installed in 90 countries, but they are not evenly distributed. All of these ATMs allow users to purchase digital currencies, some of them close to 36% have a sell option. That means that users would be able to take cash away from these ATMs. 

As CoinATMRadar shows, North America has 74% of the total number of Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world, with the United States owning 60.8% of all the machines available. Canada is the following country with 12.4% of machines installed. Austria has 5.3% of the total number of ATMs. 

In June, 150 new installations have been performed by different companies. This is equal to 5 new ATMs installed per day in different regions and countries around the world. There are different ways to exchange Bitcoin rather than using the traditional Bitcoin ATM. There are some firms that are working in order to make Bitcoin available in many other locations through existent infrastructure. 

At the moment, there is a new pilot scheme that is bringing machines to Circle K convenience stores in both Arizona and Nevada. Marc Grens, the president and co-founder of cryptocurrency provider DigitalMint said that they are thrilled to be partnering with a respected organization such as Circle K.

At the same time, with a larger number of Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world and more companies investing in the space Bitcoin ATM providers could reduce the fees they have. This would make it easier and more attractive for users to use these machines rather than purchasing or selling digital assets through digital platforms such as crypto exchanges. 

There are other in-person options for dealing with digital currencies such as vouchers, which allows individuals to avoid burdensome identity requirements. Some of the ATMs installed require users to provide private and personal information about themselves such as IDs, a picture, a telephone number and many other things. 

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