Bitcoin Mania: Investopedia and Google Reported Important Interest During 2017

· 28 Dec 2017 in Crypto News, Home

The year that we all know as ‘the bitcoin year’ has been of importance for the majority of the people. Everywhere around the world, Bitcoin was mentioned and searched. What is Bitcoin? That is the main question that individuals ask. That’s why, Bitcoin was Investopedia’s most popular and searched keyword. Google has also been used to learn about this currency. It was one of the main searched terms in the world, during 2017.

One of the Most Important Search Terms in Google and Investopedia

According to Investopedia, Bitcoin results and volume surpassed those of ICO, Blockchain and many other important topics. Even when other virtual currencies grew more than Bitcoin this year, this is what Investopedia wrote:

“While the cryptocurrency has been around since 2010 rising from the ashes of the financial crisis through the gaming community and financial mavericks who craved a decentralized digital currency, 2017 was bitcoin’s coming our party,” Investopedia informed about Bitcoin

Google is one of the first tools that people from all around the world use to get informed about different news and trends. In the Global News category, the term Bitcoin was ranked second after Hurricane Irma. It was followed by Las Vega Shooting, North Korea and the Solar Eclipse.

That means that North Korea, one of the main threats to world’s peace, has not been as important for the people as Bitcoin. Besides that, Bitcoin was the third most searched ‘How To…’ term after ‘how to make slime’ and ‘how to make solar eclipse glasses’.

Being the most known and famous cryptocurrency does not mean that other virtual currencies were not important. Ripple has managed to be adopted by several banking institutions. Ethereum has been used by many developers to create different games and smart contracts like Cryptokitties.

The coming year is expected to be a good one for the cryptocurrency market. Will be the one of the mainstream adoption, while 2017 was the year in which people started to know about it. The currency has a lot of potential to keep expanding and spreading and many updates will keep the media attention on it.

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