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Cardano Announces Plans To Launch New Roadmap

· 16 Feb 2019 in Crypto News

According to a recent publication by IOHK, the Cardano project is looking to make some strategic changes. A statement by the project stated that during the IOHK Summit scheduled for April 17-18, Cardano will launch a new roadmap.

Cardano, in the last couple of months, has undergone several shakeups, both to the project and token. The project has seen key members leave, such as the termination of the Cardano Foundation chairman, Michael Parsons. This change saw the Foundation come under the management of Charles Hoskinson and Emurgo. Also, in recent months Cardano ADA has dropped out of the top ten ranking. At the time of press, Cardano ADA is ranked 12th with a market cap of a little under $1 billion.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s CEO, is expected to give a keynote speech during the IOHK summit to be held in Miami. In his speech, he will outline the new roadmap for the project’s vision 2020. The relaunch of the roadmap, according to the publication, will see the project take a key focus on milestones.

Currently, the project is lagging behind on some key developments and the new roadmap might see the project improve fast. But, this could also bring confusion as investors worry about funding. Currently, the project is only funded until 2020 with financial allocation already outlined.

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis And Prediction

In recent months, ADA has been dropping and volatility has largely characterized its movement. The coin has been resilient despite this, going further to record substantial gains at the time of press. At the time of press, ADA is recording a more than 3% gain and trading for a little over $0.038.

But in recent weeks, the coin has been unable to break through the $0.039 position. In the coming days, the bullish momentum could provide the required boost to break the $0.039 resistance level. In the short term, a position above $0.040 could establish a bullish trend and see extended gains.

In the long term, the relaunch of the project’s roadmap could come into play. Positive updates from the project will encourage a bullish trend but negative updates will push for a bearish market.

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