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Crunch Da Vinci: A New Project That Can Fix The Issue of Digital Asset Forgery Once and For All

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If there is one issue that is common across all NFT marketplaces, it’s the issue of forgeries and copycats. Due to the easy availability of image editing tools and other media manipulation software, creating fake copies of digital assets is not very difficult. This creates trust issues with digital assets, which often creates major problems in scenarios where the originality of a digital asset or token is of prime importance.

The solution: Crunch Da Vinci

Fortunately, there’s a new project that aims to solve this problem once and for all. Crunch Da Vinci, a new project developed by bitsCrunch, aims to make identification of original digital assets easier on any NFT marketplace. The project is a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, and it has successfully developed a novel model of identifying digital assets on the basis of certain key features. That way it can identify an original asset regardless of how many manipulations and changes it goes through.

About bitsCrunch

Founded in May 2020, bitsCrunch is a German blockchain tech startup that aims to make the entire NFT ecosystem more reliable and resilient. It has developed multiple products to fix the issues of transparency, security and reliability in the NFT ecosystem. Besides Crunch Da Vinci, here are some of their other offerings:

  • Scour: Developed for detection of price and volume manipulations, this is a wash trade detection platform meant specifically for the NFT ecosystem. It integrates with various NFT marketplaces to detect wash trades, and some major ones have already integrated it.
  • Liquify: A platform that aims to establish the fair value of any token by utilizing various evaluation models.

Together with Crunch Da Vinci these projects of bitsCrunch can truly revolutionize the NFT ecosystem by eliminating the 3 major problems that block the mainstream adoption of this technology: forgery, wash trading and unfair valuations. That’s why you should pay special attention to all of their projects, because each of them has tremendous growth potential as the guardians of the NFT economy!

Table of Contents


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