Officially Launches Local Telegram Communities and $7,000 CRO Contest Logo with blue bakcground has just announced that they are going global with the 14 Official Local Telegram Communities. The firm is now promoting a new contest that has up to $500 USD in CRO tokens for each new Official community. 

New Contest With Up To $7,000 CRO in Rewards is surprising users with a new contest in which they are giving away up to $7,0000 USD in CRO tokens. As per the official announcement, the Telegram communities all over the world offer support for users at any time in native languages. 

This is a good way to create a more personalized community experience. In addition to it, users will be connected with local Staff, AMbassadors and users next to them.

Users can participate from the contest by providing a valid account Referral Code, answer a few questions, follow the account on Twitter with the handle (@cryptocom), like and RT’s tweet related to the Sponsor’s choice. 

There are also going to be some other instructions on the Contest’s GiveLab page with other tasks and additional rules for some users. 

It is worth mentioning that winners are going to be chosen randomly and that they will take into account the correct answers to the quiz. The chances of winning are related to the number of participants and eligible and correct entries on GiveLab. 

Regarding the prizes for users, explained:

“Prizes will be a fixed amount of US$500 worth of CRO divided between winners of each local Telegram Community Contest. The price of CRO listed on the App at the time of the prize distribution will be used as the reference price for CRO.”

Now, local community ambassadors are working in order to attract new users to the Telegram Communities and promote the new contest. This is going to provide new opportunities to users from all over the world to get the first contact with the ecosystem and CRO tokens. 

At the time of writing, Coin (CRO) is the 18th largest cryptocurrency in the market with a valuation of $793 million. CRO price per coin is currently $0.0557. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson