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CryptoHex: Indestructible Way To Backup Your Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies brought with it immense advantages and also disadvantages. One of its drawbacks is how to securely backup your cryptocurrencies in case of wallet damage, or it gets stolen.

When creating your wallet, you are asked to save some words (called the mnemonic phrase). This set of words are your access to your wallet anytime you lose your device or wipe off your account on the device on which it’s installed, the mnemonic phrase helps bring back your wallet and all the cryptocurrency assets in it. Backing up your cryptocurrency wallet, therefore, saves you a lot of turmoil and strife, especially when an accident happens.

Before now, it’s advised that you write out your mnemonic phrase on a piece of paper then store it in a safe place no one has access. Though this looks safe enough, but what if the paper gets damp? What if over an extended period, it fades out and you cant even see the keys? Or what if you gave out the book in which you hid the paper? There are some reasons why writing down or printing your mnemonic phrase on a piece of paper isn’t the best idea.

The CryptoHex device has a more durable solution for storing your mnemonic phrase. The idea behind CryptoHex was to safely backup cryptocurrency wallets. The goal then was to create something durable, sleek, and most especially cheap so that people could back up their phrases in multiple places.

The CryptoHex is a sleek metallic rod which can endure fire, water, aging, neither can it be broken. It can be hidden anywhere and under any condition. It is the perfect way to store your key phrases safely.

How To Store Your Phrases On The CryptoHex

The CryptoHex comes with an electric engraver or a set of punching letters.

You are to use the engraver like you were writing with a pen. Write the first four letters of each word or the words in full on the CryptoHex rod itself. With the punching kit, you punch the letters onto the CryptoHex device with a hammer. It’s that simple.

With the Engraver
With the Punching Kit

Hide your CryptoHex device somewhere safe. Best hiding behind doors, walls, wherever you can drill a hole, or you can bury it in the soil somewhere you’ll remember the spot.

You probably will never need the CryptoHex, just in case you do, dig it out of wherever you hid it and restore your wallet with the phrases you inscribed on it.

Support and Rewards

The project is currently in its initial stages, and the team needs a lot of support to produce the CryptoHex in commercial quantities.

The team is accepting donations and giving out the device to those that contribute in the early stages. Contributors are also going to receive their CryptoHex devices at specified dates on the website.

Table of Contents


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