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Cryptokitties Founder Unveils Flow A Fast Blockchain To Support Next-Gen Applications

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As the blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) markets continue expanding, companies in the crypto industry continue releasing and launching new products and services. This time, Dapper Labs, the company that became famous after releasing CryptoKitties, is now unveiling Flow, a new secure and fast blockchain to support next-gen apps.

What is Flow?

Flow is a fast and secure blockchain that would allow entire ecosystems of applications to have a developer-friendly network where to run and operate. While traditional blockchain networks focus on decentralization, it is clear that this can be achieved at a cost. There have been no successful blockchain networks offering both scalability and decentralization.

This is why Flow is based on a novel architecture that changes the way in which we think of blockchain technology. Te team behind Dapper Labs knew the challenges that blockchain technology was facing and moved forward with Flow. This blockchain network achieves the necessary performance for applications to run without affecting decentralization.

That means that Flow will be supporting mainstream and mass-adoption apps in a totally decentralized environment that will run smoothly and securely. This will open many possibilities to developers from all over the world that want to create powerful apps but do not have the blockchain network capable of running these apps.

Dapper Labs Taking the Lead

Dapper Labs has the necessary experience to offer the crypto and blockchain markets what they are looking for. The firm has signed very strong partnerships with recognized and leading brands such as NBA, UFC, Dr. Seuss or even Warner Music Group, among others.

In recent years, the team behind Dapper Labs developed famous and recognized apps such as CryptoKitties, the popular Dapper Wallet and also NBA TopShot.

The team is composed of leading crypto and blockchain researchers that have gained experience over the last years in the blockchain market. The CEO of the company, Roham Gharegozlou founded Axim Zen and worked as the CEO of the firm, which was able to employ 80 team members and improve its services over the years.

Understanding the crypto community is something very important for firms to be able to expand. This is why Flow has its own Flow Discord community that discuss the latest innovations, solutions and features of the platform and the entire industry.

DeFi and NFTs

It is clear that the blockchain market is going to be led by NFT’s and the so-called DeFi apps. There is a hidden potential in both of these markets that are just starting to grow and expand. In the long term, Flow will be leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization to offer scalable and efficient solutions to all these communities that have been struggling over the last years.

While we have seen new scaling solutions offered by traditional blockchain networks such as Sharding for ETH 2.0, or the Lightning Network for Bitcoin (BTC). However, the complexity of these networks and systems used make it difficult for developers to offer secure and efficient solutions.

Flow instead has a balanced native token design where users get rewarded for participating in the network. As activity frows, the demand for the FLOW digital asset is also going to grow. Blockchain developers will find Flow one of the most user-friendly platforms to start building mainstream apps reducing the friction with the technology and offering much more capable solutions to individuals.


Flow has been designed by the team of expert engineers behind Dapper Labs to offer developers to easily build dApps that would reach millions of users in the future. The goal is to offer a scalable and decentralized network that will be ready to solve the main paint points that other blockchain networks couldn’t solve in the last years.

Over 9,500 people have committed to participating in the Flow (by Dapper Labs) Community Sale on CoinList in less than two weeks – tracking for the largest number of token sale participants in CoinList history! Bidding is now open for the live auction that will be held on October 6th, at 2pm CET. More info at https://coinlist.co/flow

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents