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ECN Dapp Launching in The Global Market: Take You to the Next Level of Crypto

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25000+ holders globally in just 3 months.
Over 200k+ transactions
Over 1M+ daily trading volume.

All this before launching of Prediction Market and Head to Head betting platform.

Now they are launching their Dapp. No need to hide; we’re in a huge bear-run area. All of the cryptos’ values have plummeted, starting with BTC.

Nowadays, crypto profits are a daydream. But we don’t have to feel demotivated. If the current market doesn’t seem that bright, you need to look for a window. In our case, we need to look for prediction markets.

And what better platform than ECN Global?

What’s the deal with ECN Global?

ECN Global is a DeFi crypto prediction market developed in collaboration with Future Tech, Nexchange Group, WWM, and The Blockchain Academy.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of a prediction market, you’ll find that you don’t simply exchange your coins at their current value. But at a forecasted value that can be either greater or lower than the currency market.

When there’s a bear run rolling on, this is a risk worth taking.

And if things weren’t exciting enough, find that users can also take advantage of head-to-head betting, where you can vote on the outcome of different events.

Top benefits of ECN Global

There are many crypto prediction markets out there, but ECN Global has a few advantages over the others.

For example, successful trading platforms are those that have a large and devoted user base as well. In our case, there are over 350k users worldwide just from the Launchpad.

Another thing is that by being a completely decentralized platform, there are no third parties involved, so you are the only one who can manage your assets.

To top it off, anybody can access the platform regardless of the country they’re from. Plus, the team behind the platforms is always looking for market changes to predict future outcomes and get viable solutions.

Still not enough? Then take a look at ETC features that put the platform right into the spotlight:

  • No ETH Gas Fees;
  • No trading limit;
  • Easy market creation;
  • Access on any kind of device (Web, iOS, Android).

Affordable, exciting, easy to understand; what do we need more? Join ECN Global and level up your crypto game!

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents