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Ethereum Developers Plan Next Hard Fork, Dubbed ‘Dencun’

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The next significant update to the blockchain is already being planned by Ethereum developers, who are still riding high from last month’s successful Shapella upgrade that allowed for staked ETH withdrawals.

Prepare for the upcoming blockchain upgrade named “Dencun.” This name is derived from the combination of two concurrent upgrades taking place on the two primary layers of the blockchain. The first layer, known as the execution layer, will undergo the “Cancun” upgrade, which pertains to all the protocol rules. On the other hand, the second layer called the consensus layer, responsible for validating blocks, is referred to as “Deneb.”

This naming convention is similar to how the developers referred to the simultaneous upgrades in Shanghai and Capella as “Shapella.”

Dencun is built around EIP 4844, also referred to as “proto-danksharding.” The plan proposes to grow the blockchain by boosting room for “blobs” of data. Fees for layer 2 rollups should be reduced as a result of the changes.

Since EIP 4844 was deemed to be too challenging to include with staked ETH withdrawals, developers made the decision to postpone it until after Shapella.

Ethereum developers discussed the technical specifics of EIP 4844 on an official call on Thursday.

The bi-monthly meeting was initiated by Tim Beiko, the protocol support lead at the Ethereum Foundation. He began the session by stating that the scope for Cancun would remain unchanged by default. If anyone wants to modify it in the future, they can put the proposal on the agenda. The developers sometimes refer to the two-layer upgrade as “Cancun” instead of “Dencun,” as the latter name is not very user-friendly.

Although they have previously stated that their goal is to make the Dencun upgrade live in the second half of 2023, the developers did not address the timetable of the upgrade on Thursday.

EIPs 6780, 6475, and 1153 are a few other technical advancements that Dencun is anticipated to include.

What will Dencun look like in its entirety? Over the following few weeks, that will be determined. Before deciding which further ideas will be included in the upcoming significant hard fork, the developers are testing out other EIPs.

Table of Contents


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