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Explosive Growth In NFT Sales This Week, Bitcoin NFTs Among The Top Sellers

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Transactions of non-fungible tokens (NFT) experienced a slight uptick last week, rising modestly by about 1.46% from the week before. During the period of April 29 to May 6, 2023, NFT sales totaled $149.31 million.

Though sales soared by 31.22% in the most recent week, they still outperformed expectations. NFT sales totaled $208.17 million during the span of seven days. Due to the arrival of NFTs coming from the Bitcoin blockchain, this week’s NFT sales have significantly increased.

Bitcoin NFTs Rise To Prominence

According to data from cryptoslam.io,  Bitcoin NFT sales have become a significant player among 21 blockchains in digital collectible sales. With $111.26 million in NFT sales, Ethereum NFT sales remained in the first place, but Bitcoin-based NFTs, also known as Ordinal inscriptions, came in second.

NFT sales for the last seven days, as of May 14, 2023, according to cryptoslam.io statistics.

Data shows that Bitcoin NFT sales generated $53,433,451 and took second place among the 21 chains in terms of blockchain sales. NFT sales for Bitcoin increased by 187.54% from the previous week.

The top five blockchains in terms of NFT sales as of May 14, 2023.

NFT sales on the Mythos blockchain increased significantly this past week, increasing by 69.66% to $11.73 million. The increase placed Mythos in the third-largest position when the top blockchains by NFT sales volume were taken into account.

In terms of NFT sales per blockchain, Solana, which formerly had the second-largest position, is currently in fourth place. Solana reported $8,789,106 for the past seven days, a decrease of 21.16% from the week before. Polygon had a $7.79 million sales volume for the fifth blockchain this past week, a decrease of 7.07%.

Top five NFT collections according to sales as of May 14, 2023.

According to cryptoslam.io data, “Uncategorized Ordinals,” which are simply random Ordinals not included in any collection, gained the top collection position in sales this week for NFT collections. Ordinals were able to generate $15.62 million in NFT sales.

With $13.80 million in total purchases over the last seven days, Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) took second place this week. The majority of NFT sales for Mythos chain were generated from transactions of Dmarket collection, which secured the third position in overall NFT sales.

ORDI BRC-20 NFTs came in fourth with $11,044,110 in weekly sales, while Ethereum’s Milady Maker NFT collection came in fifth with $10,376,102 in sales over the same time period. In terms of NFT sales, Bitcoin-based Space Pepes stood out this week with $4,607,834 amassed over the preceding seven days, an increase of 2,142.35% over the week before.

The highest-priced sale of the week was for a single NFT from the series, which was sold for $4.5 million. Remarkably, the remaining top five most valuable NFT sales during the preceding week were all from the Uncategorized Ordinals category.

Table of Contents


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