hmp2 800x500 - Hempcoin (THC) - The oldest Marijuana & Agriculture Cryptocurrency

Hempcoin (THC) – The oldest Marijuana & Agriculture Cryptocurrency

I was recently looking if there’s any cryptocurrency focusing in the agriculture field, as for me that’s one of the most stable and most valuable markets out there with a billion dollar potential in cryptocurrency.

This is how I found HempCoin (THC), one of the oldest cryptocurrencies – developed in early 2014 it describes itself as a digital currency for the Agriculture/ Farming Industry and Marijuana/ Hemp Industry. And the fact is, hempcoin has an extremly cheap price right now.  With a 251 satoshi value, HempCoin is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies  and it actually deserve more media attention.

HempCoin wasn’t created for a single purpose like it’s competitors, PotCoin and CannabisCoin – but for multiple ones. For example, it could facilitate the transaction between marijuana farmers and the local dispenary shops. But why with HempCoin and not with USD? HempCoin runs on the Bitcoin core so that means the transaction will have a lower fee and the Farmer will receive it’s payment in HempCoins.  The advantage for the farmer here will be that he can actually get a profit by holding those coins and selling them when the value is higher. For example, right now the HempCoin price is $0.006. With people using PotCoin and investing Bitcoin in it, it’s value could easily reach $0.60 – which is 100x the return. This is just an example, but it’s possible.

HempCoin is also used for Agricultural trade which is a trilllion dollar industry where if the HempCoin gain 2-3% share of it, it would gain a 500% increase in price or more.  HempCoin is listed right now on Bittrex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

If you want to be a part of this, you can go to the BTC/THC trading page and buy HempCoin before it goes to $1 or more. Also, keep in mind that this is solely my opionion and should not be understood as a solid financial advice. Invest properly, only how much you’re prepared to loose.

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2 Replies to “Hempcoin (THC) – The oldest Marijuana & Agriculture Cryptocurrency”

  1. SativaYoga

    I believe in HempCoin! (

    I believe it is MORE than a digital currency. I believe it has the seed-potential to RESTORE THE HEALTH of our (1) bodies, (2) minds, (3) soil, (4) air and (5) economics.

    **The heartiest plant on earth, deserves to be paired with the heartiest coin on earth!**

    I want to see that happen. I want to help make that happen. But I need to speak with someone who has technical prowess, and is willing to at least hear out an audacious vision that PUSHES THE CAPACITY of this coin! I have been earnestly trying to reach the creator of HempCoin, because I have not identified a formidable coin competitor of yours. But, man, the unresponsiveness almost makes me wish that wasn’t the case!

    I’ve reached out on Twitter, Bitcoin Forum, Steemit, Email and GitHub. This is now the 6th platform on which I have said, “I am here to support and herald you! With great loyalty and enthusiasm! Can someone on the team please talk with me?”


    I know life is fast and full, but it really shouldn’t be this hard to help…

  2. Laki

    I will suggest anyone who are into early cripto market or looking to invest some fund.
    I truly advice you to look for hemp coin before it goes to the moon.
    I can’t bring my all research here but I conclusion is here, by the end of 2018 and early 2019 hemp coin will be trading between $20 to $26.
    What I have seen here you also need to look into it.
    Just a overnight will change everything and hope it’s not late for your pocket.
    I am turely writing this comment as USA and CANADA government has announced legalizing weed.

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