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Here Are The Five Richest Bitcoin Addresses

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Currently, the top five richest bitcoin address belong to crypto exchanges which is not surprising. These platforms offer a safe place to store digital assets for customers. Collectively, these addresses hold around 3.5 percent of all bitcoins that exist today. They contain a total of 592,943 bitcoins that are currently worth around $3.1 billion.

Let’s have a look at the top five wealthiest BTC addresses.


When it comes to traded volume, Binance is the leading crypto exchange in the world. Its cold wallet holds around 141,096 BTC that are currently worth $749 million. That is 0.8117 percent of all the BTC.


The ninth crypto exchange by traded volume is the second wealthiest BTC address. It currently holds about 138,661 bitcoins that are worth $736 million — a figure that translates to 0.7977 percent of all the BTC available.


It’s the third largest crypto exchange by traded volume. The Singapore based crypto exchange holds around 108,135 bitcoins in its wallet. The bitcoins are currently worth $574 million and translate to 0.622 percent of all BTC available.


Launched in Feb 2014, this platform is currently at number forty regarding daily traded volume. However, it’s the fourth largest BTC address. It holds 107,203 BTC which are presently worth $569 million. That’s around 0.6167 percent of all BTC.


This crypto exchange is number 23 regarding traded volume and number five most prominent BTC address. It holds 97,848 bitcoins that are currently worth $519 million — a figure that accounts for 0.5629 percent of all BTC available.

Other Notable BTC Addresses

While it’s evident that crypto exchanges hold the largest BTC addresses, there are a few individual investors that are well loaded with bitcoins as well. A good example is that of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who purchased bitcoins worth $11 million back in 2013. Both are owners of Gemini crypto exchange.

Other notable BTC owners include Tim Draper who bought 30,000 bitcoins from a US Marshal Auction. Also, Barry Silbert, Roger Ver, and Charlie Shrem are also believed to hold a substantial amount of BTC.

Interestingly, Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous Bitcoin creator, doesn’t feature on the wealthiest BTC addresses. He is believed to have mined around 980,000 coins as the first miner of the cryptocurrency. However, his wealth is thought to be spread across many different addresses.

Table of Contents


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